Sunday, June 12, 2005

21 Grams

It's a movie about nothing and "everything" at the same time. We've got Naomi Watts doing what she does best, I guess, crying and screaming and looking so scared (I swear her scenes look like they could have come out of Mulholland Drive or the previews I saw for the Ring. Come on do some more funny stuff like "I Heart Huckebees" and what's so awesome about playing American's all the time, show off that British accent. Benicio Del Toro playing a messed up guy with problems but like two positive qualities and Sean Penn not really talking much and just making emotional facial gestures. It's depressing enough that I don't really feel like I'll need to watch it again, it comes with a Memento like sequencing and a classic vague ending. If you're hard core movies or like depressing movies see it if not ehh I'd pass.


  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Isn't Naomi Watts an Aussie? I believe so, as her and Nicole Kidman are pals:)

  2. You're right I always get those two confused and think they are British......


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