Monday, June 06, 2005

Little Kids Should Not Have Cell Phones

This is more of a story about why little kids should not have cell phones.

About a month ago I tried to call a friend of mine, he didn't pick up and the voice mail sounded like an old lady with a really high voice so I figured wrong number. (Turns out that was his old number that now belongs to someone else.) About two days later this person called me back, I thought it was an old lady so I picked it up I was curious. The thing is I couldn't hear anything they were saying because I was in a restaurant so I hung up. Like two weeks later this person called me back again and this time I was able to hear. It was a little kid probably like 10. He wanted to know why I had called him because he didn't know the number I was calling from. I told him it had been a mistake and I knew the previous owner of that number. He proceeded to ask me if I knew so and so and then if I was some girl he knew, I can't remember the names. I thought this was pretty funny because the area code is like 2 states over. I told him no I won't be calling him back again and to have a nice day.

Seriously, I wonder what this kid was thinking for like 3 weeks. I wonder if he was freaked out or thought it was "so cool". Little kids don't need cell phones- what's the point? They have enough stuff to get in trouble with....


  1. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Hey Alea this is a sweet site!! Its cool that you have a site to talk about your life!! I love you!
    Emily :)

  2. Anonymous7:15 PM

    I think everyone under 10 should be issued cell phones to ensure their safety in times of emergency,...duh!

  3. Why was the kid (not parent) calling back people that he didn't know? That cell phone was being used for more than just safety and emergencies!


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