Monday, June 06, 2005

The O.C. Season One

I just recently rewatched the whole first season of The O.C. Being a fan since episode one and just a few weeks ago watching the finale to season 2, I decided well it's been awhile. There is just something about this show. It's hilarious, the actors can really surprise you, yes it's like a primetime soap opera but with good music, really good music. Like with all series of anything, you have to start at the beginning. You can't jump in halfway through you are unable to see the progression of the story line and the growth of the characters. Right now on FOX The O.C. season 2 is playing everything Thursday throughout the summer. The DVD for the second season will be out the end of August.

Who can't love a show where every title starts with The....
Or that takes the time to do this.

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