Monday, July 25, 2005

Recently in Books

Bergdorf Blondes- finished this chick lit book a week ago. I had to read it because more than a year ago I almost picked it up for free because it was an advanced copy my local bookstore had received and it was free to anyone who stopped by along with probably 15 other books. I didn't get it and then a few months later it was a bestseller! I thought I owed it to the book to finally read it. It was pretty funny, documenting the fictional life of a rich NYC girl and her awfully annoying friends. The ending was all too cliche but still pretty cute. You'd know it if you wanted to read it, it's one of those books

The Pleasure of My Company- I picked this up at the school library last week while I was trying to kill time before returning to class to talk to my teacher. It's by Steve Martin the actor. I had read his other book Shopgirl and enjoyed it so I figured why not. This book is about a man with obsessive compulsive disorder and some of his daily observations from his window and his struggles to get to Rite Aid and Kinkos. It's really short so I would suggest it.

The Know It All- I am currently reading this book. It's one man's memoir documenting his year long journey through his 2002 set of Encyclopaedia Britannica (he even explains that strange spelling). Right now I am on the J's. He mixes interesting facts, his daily life: wife, friends, and job, with some of his journeys through what is smart. He has a great sense of humor and a lot of commitment! I originally heard him on a panel on C-Span 2 Book TV and am very glad I picked this book up!

UPDATE- just finished the Know It All and it was so great! Fun facts and a memoir. I forgot to mention he is working on a screenplay of his book now!!! Just started Lucia, Lucia, it looks promising.

Any suggestions... dont' worry I will have Harry Potter in my hands very soon

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