Sunday, July 03, 2005

This Weekend In Movies (July 1-3)

War of the Worlds- awesome! Tom Cruise I'm still mad at you and I think the movie would have been awesome with a different leading man. I can't talk much about the movie without giving anything away. I loved it, my sister didn't freak out as much as my friends did so for you it depends I guess it might be scary it might not be.

Old School- haha. I never thought I'd like this movie but in the past year I've seen it at least 6-7 times. It's crude almost to the point that I would hate it but not. The actors redeem the movie at least for me.

The Motorcycle Diaries- it's a journey movie. Nothing monumental happens. It's about the younger years (age 23 or so) of Che Guevara.

Madagascar- funny. funny. Short and not the best of that type of film. But still funny. I loved the Lemur King!

Legally Blonde 2- seen this a few times. Watched it with Emily again because we felt like being lazy. You would know if you wanted to see this.

Batman Begins- wow. It was great. You've all seen it by now so I'm just agreeing with what you already told me. One of my only problems was the title, he's not a epidemic or a talking doll. Batman Begins what? Even the cliche Batman: The Beginning would have made more sense. They spent so much on effects and what not they could have thought through the title a little more.


  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    movies rock!! i love you

  2. Did you see Batman Begins? I thought it was fun. Nothing classic and corny at times. Still have to see War of the Worlds. But Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Harry Potter come out on the same weekend!

  3. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Batman is quite a good little film, thanks to the acting chops of Christian Bale and the directing chops of Chris Nolan. I heard you were seeing it tonight, so I thought I'd offer up my two cents. It gets the Matt seal of approval.


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