Friday, August 05, 2005

Printmaking 2: The Final Prints


My 4th print, for the class project "Obsession". It has 6 pulls (layers) and is a full bleed print meaning when I printed it I printed right off the page. I made 26 of them because the people in the class that are participating are trading with everyone else that participated. So that's kind of fun, I'll have a collection of around 16 prints by other people. (This is actually not the exact version of the edition, its the same but this one has more yellow.)

Isadora and her pet tapir Crystal

This is probably my wildest print. It have 21 pulls so it was time consuming. To say the least its interesting. Basically its a wild rich lady with her exotic pet.
High Voltage

I've shown this already, but you can see at the bottom a hint of a gloss layer that reads "Danger". It was 10 pulls.


The same but with gray line work around the figure. It was als0 10 pulls.

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  1. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Holy hell. I suck at everything art-related. I should just quit school and work at McDonalds, because you will snipe up any job offers that come my way. Way to go, Alea, you are a wonderful print maker!


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