Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Best Issue of Bust Ever!

I gasped when I saw this. I was so excited. And then a week later it came. In my mailbox was the new Oct/Nov issue of Bust featuring a cover interview with Miranda July! Ever since I discovered Bust about a year ago (late on the bandwagon) it's been blowing every other woman's magazine out of the water. And now this. Holy crap! And then it got better, I started reading the interview and heard about Learning to Love You More, which I had somehow missed even though the project had been going on for years! (Goodness I feel out of the loop it started in 2002) Loved her movie, loving her short story collection, so I had to preorder the new Learning to Love You More book. (It was supposed to come out last week but I don't think it's out yet) Anyone know more about this project than I do?

All I know is Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher started the project where they volunteered tasks for others to accept and complete and all the responses are posted on the website. It's such a great idea, I cannot tell if the tasks are still active or if they have stopped creating new ones. Definitely would like to give one a try. What a great idea!

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