Sunday, April 27, 2008

This Year In Movies

I decided at the end of this year last year that I wanted to keep track of all the movies I watched this year. I saw someone else's breakdown on their blog of how their movie watching habits had changed over the years and thought it was pretty cool. I always knew I watched a lot but never really kept track of it before. I already keep a list of the books I read so I figured why not do the same for movies. Man do I watch a lot of movies... I've included tv shows as well, when I've watched the whole season. Thank you netflix! Maybe I'll go back and make some specific comments later.

January (22)
Juno-theatre - great way to start the year!
Shoot em Up -stupid even for an action movie
10 Items or less - a quiet gem
Happenstance -a rewatch, now i can't even remember it again!
Starter for 10 -cute movie
Sweeny Todd- theatre -didn't really like
Funny Ha Ha -very low budget
Eagle vs. Shark - love this movie
Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party -not exactly what i expected but still interesting
Juno-theatre again -awesome again
The Lives of Others -sad
Factory Girl -sad
Rushmore -a favorite
Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price -frightening
The Hoax -ok
Nine Lives - like a collection of short stories
Idiocracy -pretty dumb but better than i thought it would be
Black Snake Moan -pretty much what i expected
Good Luck Chuck -good for a laugh
Wedding Daze -not so good for a laugh
Rocket Science -similar to thumbsucker
Stranger Than Fiction -a rewatch, funny movie

February (16)
Ira and Abby -kinda cute
Tideland -the worst movie i have seen in a long time
Sicko -what you would expect, didn't watch the gross parts
The Nanny Diaries -cute, maybe better than the book
Blind Dating -ok
Paris Je T'aime -a rewatch, i love this movie
Great Expectations -a rewatch, i also love this movie
Veronica Mars Season 3 -a rewatch, a love this show
The Tudors Season 1 -wow jonathan rhys meyers is intense
Feast of Love - sad but nice
The King of California -goofy but good
Be Kind Rewind-theatre - not as good as I'd hoped for
Fierce People - good until something happens and then i was pretty disgusted
A Citizen, A Detective, and A Thief -kinda long
The Jane Austen Book Club - really liked this one
Margot at the Wedding -did not like this one

March (31)
The Other Boleyn Girl-theatre -pretty good, want to finish the book now
Sydney White -cute for this type of movie
Jumper-theatre -fun, but not so much plot
Reign Over Me -sad but good
Guru -long and sad
My Kid Could Paint That -interesting
Goya's Ghosts -ok
Full Frontal -interesting idea
You Can Count On Me -ok
Penelope-theatre -love this movie
Blade Runner - didn't really see what all the hype was about
Undiscovered -better than i thought it would be
No Country For Old Men -esh, why do these kind of movies always win the awards
50 Pills -fun
The Martian Child -sweet
Rent -pretty good
No Day But Today (Rent Documentary) -really interesting
Raising Victor Vargas -sweet quiet movie
Southland Tales -dumb as was expected
Love In the Time of Cholera -sad but ended nice
Enchanted -so very hilarious
Possession -romantic
Horton Hears A Who!- theatre -really good
Death At A Funeral -funny and awkward
Suburban Girl -not half bad
Broken English -really enjoyed
The Hottest State -ok
Smiley Face -had to watch because it looked crazy and it was was
Salaam-E-Ishq -one of my new favorites
Extras Season 2 -so funny
Hitman - pretty bad

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