Friday, June 06, 2008

Adrian Tomine's New, New Yorker Cover

For anyone not familar with Adrian Tomine, he's a ultra talented graphic novelist/cartoonist. He publishes the comic Optic Nerve, who's last three issues were turned into Shortcomings, the book which has done pretty well in the mainstream market I believe . He also does several New Yorker covers a year. Definitely one of my favorites.


  1. yikes, this one makes me feel kind sheepish about amazon...

  2. Hehe. I guess I shop where I can. I actually popped over to Barnes and Noble the other day and no Violet on the Runway there either. In my town we have a Borders (my prefered store), Barnes and Noble (a small one) and two tiny tiny used book stores. I think the closes independant bookstore is about 20 minutes away. So if Borders doesn't have it I usually go for amazon. I also love Half Price Books, that's a very exciting day when I go there! Speaking of books... got my local library book sale this weekend. Dollar bags here I come!!!!

    I do love the atmosphere of independant bookstores and visit them whenever I pass by one, especially on vacation!

  3. I love independent bookstores too--especially if I'm not sure what I want and I just want to dream. And usually, if I tell them about Violet and they haven't heard of it, they'll order a copy just to try out, which is sooo nice.

    Sorry you can't find Violet--that's frustrating! B&N or Borders will order it for you, of course, but then you have to swing by again (which could lead to buying MORE books!). :)

  4. Independent bookstores always have the greatest displays. They really put an effort into displaying interesting things be it new or older. You always find something new! That's awesome that they are interested in Violet, I think being able to meet authors would mean a lot to them!

    I've ordered things from Borders before and it usually only takes a week I usually for some reason only do it with comics, no idea why that is! And yes you are right going in to pick something up just causes more buying! It's horrible I just need to read what I have, and then when I'm done in about 4 years I can buy some new books! (Like that's going to happen!)

    I've been enjoying amazon's 4 for 3 deal. Since young adult paperbacks fall under 10 dollars most of them are in that category!


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