Saturday, June 14, 2008

Book Readings and Signings: David Sedaris

It had been my goal for a few years now to be able to go to a book signing and I finally did it! Mr David Sedaris read from his new book When You Are Engulfed In Flames and then signed books. Boy was it exciting! He is so hilarious it could brighten anyone's afternoon! He's gotten pretty well known but was such a nice man signing multiple copies for people.

I wasn't sure what to expect as far as lines so I got there about an hour early. It was at a Borders so they used their colored wristband system that they also use for midnight book releases. I ended up in the third group. All in all it was everything I hoped for. I hope I can go to another one soon. I wish I knew a website to check to find out about upcoming events. I just happened to see a sign at my own Borders for the event.

Have you gone to a book signing or reading? What was it like?


  1. I love book signings! It's really great listening to writers talk about their work. Some of the signings I've been to include Erik Larsen, Hillary Clinton, Jasper Fforde, John Sanford, Richard Montanari and the guys from "The Deadliest Catch".

    The best signings are those where the authors really enjoy talking to the crowd and where you get a few minutes to talk as you're getting your book signed. The personal connection really makes it fun.

  2. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I have seen this book every where! :) So glad about your book signing...what fun!

    Personally, I have seen authors at book signings, but didn't go there for that reason. I just happened to be in the store when the author was there.

  3. Lucky You! I'm a Sedaris fan and would have loved to have been at this signing. It's great to hear he's a nice guy in addition to being hilarious.

  4. Anonymous12:23 AM

    I've never been to a signing - we live in a rural town. The nearest "city" is Spokane. I'm not sure how I'd find out what authors were coming to town.

  5. I love book signings and Sedaris is hilar.

    The last book signing/reading I went to was Annie Proulx. I wrote about it on my blog here:

  6. Lisa- Wow! You are a pro at book signings. How do you find out about them? That's my problem, I hear about it afterwards!

    J. Kaye- That's how I finally got the idea I wanted to start going to book signings. They would always been happening in the store while I was there to shop and then I'd think, how do these people find out about them!

    Charley- Oh yeah! I remember you like him. I think he's touring all over the country, his schedule popped up for me in a google search, I think on his publicist's site. Yeah he was really nice. Having little chats with everyone. He even said to me, it was very nice to meet you. How kind!

    Carrie K- I have the same problem, I just happened to see a sign in the store the week before. Gotta find a author signing calendar or something!

    Lenore- I'm definitely going to have to read about your signing experience, thanks for sharing :)


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