Monday, June 02, 2008

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

I don't want to say too much about New Moon so as not to ruin it for anyone that hasn't read Twilight (because you should read Twilight!). So I'll try and keep it short and vague.

Let's see, I wish there was more vampire awesomeness, related to their powers and back story. I haven't read Eclipse yet so I'm crossing my fingers that these things will come up more in the last two books.

Bella got sort of depressingly pathetic during the middle part of the book.

My favorite parts of the books tend to be when the vampires are being their awesome and nurturing (Alice) selves.

I heard that this cover really has no meaning to Stephanie and that she doesn't really like it. What I want to know is how they were able to give her what she wants for the other covers but completely dropped the ball on this one. What changed that she had no say for this cover. Or is it that she just happened to like what they came up with for the others and she's never had a say to begin with? That really bugs me, I think authors should have more of a say. I also thing the designers should read the books before trying to design a cover, I know that's not always possible but I think it's important enough that an effort should be made to get them the manuscript or something.

2.5/5 Stars
Purchased by myself

What's your favorite book from the Twilight series? Are you going to go and pick up Breaking Dawn at midnight when it's released?


  1. Anonymous12:31 AM

    I actually really liked New Moon, though I agree that it got even better when Alice showed up. I read it in less than 24 hours this past weekend, and immediately went online and ordered New Moon. The only thing that stinks is that then I'll have to wait until August for Breaking Dawn!

  2. I've read all three books (and quite enjoyed the amount of Jacob Black in New Moon) and I'd love to buy Breaking Dawn at midnight but it seems unlikely that that will happen! I've got it preordered at amazon though, I hope they ship it the same day! I've read that Stephenie Meyer doesn't have a say in any of the bookcovers. Have you seen the Breaking Dawn cover that was released recently? I'm not sure what to make of it yet.

  3. Hi Michelle!

    I enjoyed seeing more of Jacob Black in New Moon as well but missed the vampires! So that's why I'm excited for Eclipse because it sounds like they will all be there fighting it out for Bella. Can't wait to read it!

    Yeah hopefully they will ship same day! I had a friend get the last Harry Potter that way, same day, not sure if he had to do anything special for it.

    I wish authors did have a say on the book covers, at least give some feedback... sigh! I'd love to learn more about designer/author relations. I've been on the designer side of it just a tad bit but don't really know much how the whole thing plays out.

    Yeah I saw the Breaking Dawn cover, I'm not sure what to think yet either. My instant reaction was, oh that's sort of creepy! I think the first three covers have a more natural feeling to them, and a lot more black on the covers, almost having the images floating on the cover. With Breaking Dawn the image is pretty large and bulky taking away the sort of flowing natural feel I got from the others.

    Have you read the Host? I think I might read that as well. I'm going to definitely read A New Dawn, the collection of essays about the Twilight series once I finish Eclipse. I think it's a Borders exclusive book. I wish i could read it now, but I'm sure it would spoil the plot of Eclipse way way too much!

  4. I've had this series on my "to read" list for a while. I think it's time to bump it up the list based on your post!

  5. Paula-

    Oh good you should! I decided to give the first book a try and see if i liked it, and I did! So I made a goal to have all three read by the release of Breaking Dawn so I could be a part of all the fun without plugging my ears and eyes for fear of spoiling the previous books! Let me know how you like them!

    I'm hoping to read Eclipse sometime in the next week or two!


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