Sunday, June 01, 2008

This Year In Movies: May

Nancy Drew-very cute
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly- painful to watch but worth it
PS I love you- different from the book but still enjoyable
$100 and a t-shirt-great information about the zine scene in portland
Over Her Dead Body-better than i expected
Tin Man-pretty good, i like how the story evolved
Chuck and Buck- his movies got better
Superbad-rewatch, so funny
The Good Night-didn't really like
Mad Money- really fun
No Reservations-carbon copy of mostly martha, yet still fun to watch
Dhoom- my first bollywood action movie, funny!
I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With- ok
Cloverfield- really liked, wanted more backstory on the monster
A Collection of Academy Award Nominated Short Films- some were really good, some were not
Dans Paris- kinda funny, ok
Iron Man-theatre- really liked this
Sex and the City-theatre - really good, i hoped it wouldn't suck


  1. I haven't heard of half of these. I recently watched and would recommend The Painted Veil and Eastern Promises.

  2. Charley- Yeah I watch all over the board, pretty much anything that isn't war, sports, or horror but sometimes i'll even watch those. I haven't seen either The Painted Veil or Eastern Promises but I'm glad you recommend them, they are kind of hovering in the middle of my netflix queue right now, maybe I'll have to bump them up a bit!

  3. Anonymous3:50 PM

    I can't wait to see Iron Man!

  4. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Wow, I'm impressed that "SATC" is good. I want to go see it, but I still figured it would suck. Now I'm definitely there. Thanks!

  5. J. Kaye- Iron Man ruled. Robert Downey is just a hilariously great actor, he can make anything better!

    Devourerofbooks- I went in there thinking I was kinda sick of the show, watched it all the way through on dvd and then a lot on a local channel but i still wanted to see it. and man i really liked it, i actually went right out and got sesasons 2 and 3! For the most part it was pretty great, a little predictable but that's ok. i hear a sequel is in the makes.


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