Tuesday, July 01, 2008

This Year In Movies: June

June was a busy month for everything but movies *sniffle* But I did watch a few tv shows on dvd which eats up lots of time. Speaking of which I got the first disc of Mad Men today, I've been hearing good things about it FOREVER!

Dedication- was waiting for this on netflix for months, gave up and got it for cheap in a blockbuster sale, I really liked this!
The Riches Season 1- good! I was hoping it would be a little bit on the comedy side more so than the drama..
I'm Not There- thought it was going to be awesome.. it hopped around a little too much for it to make much sense, need to watch it again
The Savages- really good, really funny, I freaked out when I first saw the chris ware poster!
Lipstick Jungle Season 1- way better than I thought it would be, need to read the book...
Get Smart- I cried from laughing at least two times, was still talking about it the next day, will be buying this one for sure!
August Rush- cried from happiness- two of my favorite actors, and a little cutie!
There Will Be Blood- better than I thought it would be, the music was very creepy, almost distracting
Persepolis- finally! I wanted to see this in the theatre but didn't get to, it was great, just like the graphic novels
Definitely, Maybe- really sweet, it was semi-predictable but I really liked it. most movies you can predict probably before you even see them, this one was more of a mystery
Under the Same Moon- very sweet


  1. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Get Smart was hilarious! I loved it :) August Rush was really cute too! Freddie Highmore is adorable in that, and I loved Johnathan Rhys-Meyers' singing.

  2. kbookreviews- My friend tried to tell me that August Rush was like the worst movie of all time. I told her I knew I'd love it and I did! I loved all the random moments of Get Smart!

  3. I just saw four movies on the plane: Definitely Maybe - I also thought it was really cute and it kept me guessing!
    Smart People - I loved this one!
    The other bolyen girl - boring, I had to stop watching 3/4 of the way through. I loved the book, so was disapointed.
    21 - Very exciting and fun!

  4. Lenore- I really want to see Smart People and 21! I'm glad they were good. I never got a chance to read The Other Bolyen Girl all the way through so I couldn't compare it to the movie. The beginning was definitely more exciting though!


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