Saturday, August 02, 2008

Breaking Dawn Midnight Release Video and a Thank You!

Me and my sister went to the midnight release of Breaking Dawn last night. She was kind enough to get my wristband when the store opened in the morning so we were in the first group! It actually went so fast we were out of the store and home by 12:15! We live about 5 minutes from the store but still! Very quick! I'm only 100 pages into the book so far but it's pretty good! I was hoping to be further but ended up doing a bunch of errands and some er, book shopping...

Did you go to the midnight release? Or did you pick your copy up during normal business hours. While I was making the rounds today I noticed Barnes and Noble had no extra copies, Target had a healthy shelf full and when I went back to Borders, the had about 20 boxes behind the counter! They were the most prepared!

A big thank you to Ambeen at the Ravenous Reader and The Bookshipper for nominating me for a blog award!


  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    LOL - No, I am not the party kind of gal. Too many when I was younger...way too many. But I love to watch. What a great video!

  2. Yeah I thought maybe you'd like a peek! It wasn't as fun as the Harry Potter party, where there were more older people. I felt sort of out of place but that's ok. I brought my sister as my shield, she's younger ;)

  3. Wow, if I was that guy opening boxes, I'd have probably been a little scared, lol.

  4. Ambeen- LOL! They were doing it so quickly! Ripping it open and just turning it over and letting the books just fall out into a stack. I like that they were "hidden" under a yellow sheet. LOL! I totally saw another girl reading her copy at the bus stop today, I gave her the thumbs up, I think she thought I was a crazy fan girl or something!


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