Sunday, September 28, 2008

Squeal Worthy Covers

So I think I'm really strange. I see certain covers and they just don't leave my mind. I think about them way more than I should, it's like I have a crush on them or something! I'm not sure what it is exactly but let's see if we can't figure it out. 

Queen Geeks In Love- The Story Siren reviewed this book earlier this week. I had never seen this cover before but I love it. The image is great, I love feet shots and those tights! And the colors rock.

Pug Hill- Someone reviewed this recently. Was it you? I can't remember who. But the cover is so darn cute! Tiny little dogs and nice type treatment. Love it! Great color combination too.

Matrimony (paperback edition)- Now this is the paperback edition, the hardcover is pretty cool too. But I find myself thinking about this cover more. Once again great color palette but also, pretty sweet pair of girly shoes!

How to Be Single- Again, love the colors. Especially the pleats in the dress, that's awesome! I love the softness of the image.

Let It Snow- Now this one isn't perfect. I don't really like the present and how the title is much smaller then the SCREAMING author names. But I really like the green and white contrasting the red. 

So I guess I'm attracted to colors mostly but also beautiful photography. I  guess that's not surprising considering my background in design and photography. And yes, I do plan to read all of these... ! Marketing works! I've really enjoying all the different posts people have been doing that involve covers. My eyes just widen with excitement. Please keep it up! 

So what covers can't you get out of your head?


  1. Oh! I love the Let It Snow cover too. I think it just totally embodies the vibe of the winter season...and I lurve the mittens!
    The North of Beautiful cover is pretty amazing, what with the soft picture of the girl on it.
    Model by Cheryl Diamond has a simple, yet sophisticated cover that I love.
    I also like the Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange covers as well as the cover of How To Be Bad.
    This makes me want to start a list of all my favorites. :P

  2. Liv- My copy of Let It Snow surprising shipped this week already. My goal is to read it Christmas Eve, how perfect would that be!

    I love the North of Beautiful cover too! What I really like about the Model cover is that usually on memoirs the pictures of the author are usually blah, stupid pose but her pose is great... i guess that comes with being a model! I also agree on the rest of your choices too! You should totally do a list too!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love a good cover, too, although our tastes are different. I do like the Matrimony cover, though. Some of my favorite covers are The Corrections, When You are Engulfed in Flames, Someday This Pain Will be Useful to You, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, and Still Life with Woodpecker.

  4. charley- yeah this happened to be a very girly post but all the covers you have mentioned are great too. :D I love book cover design! I'm usually better at picking out covers I don't like than ones I do, I like so many!


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