Monday, September 01, 2008

This Year In Movies: August

This month was a little better than the last two but not by much!

Drillbit Taylor- sort of funny, pretty much what i expected.

Charlie Bartlett- better than I expected!

Flowers In the Attic- darn right crazy.

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam- This was a rather sweet Bollywood movie, I liked the ending, for the longest time it didn't seem it would go the way it did but I'm glad it did

2007 Academy Award Nominated Short Films- there are some great films in here and at least one that made not too much sense to me

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2- great sequel to the first movie. I think they condensed the three books into this pretty smoothly

Smart People- this was pretty great. Ellen Page had a great character.

The House Bunny- just what you would expect but fun none the less

Meet Bill- Sort of a random movie but I liked seeing the evolution of Bill.

Queen Sized- this stars the girl from Hairspray, it's definitely made for tv. It was a nice movie even though it talks about depressing subject matter.

Square Pegs Complete Series- I had been waiting to watch this ever since I heard about it on VH1's I love the 80s a few years ago. Wow was this fun to watch!

Into the Wild- I knew it would be depressing based on what I knew about the book and it was.

Here's an episode of Square Pegs condensed down to 5 minutes!


  1. I was wondering if they made Nikki wear pads for Queen Sized. I seriously don't think she was that big/jiggly in Hairspray. The difference just struck me as weird.

  2. fun post! I liked Flowers In the Attic. The film and the book too.

  3. ambeen- I have no idea! In Hairspray their clothes were pretty form fitting, she could have been sucked in there i have no idea. I know I love Hairspray though!!!!!!

    naida- Yes, me and a friend watch that we had a great time!


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