Sunday, October 12, 2008

Entertainment Weekly: The Photo Issue

I don't think I've talked about one of my favorite magazines, Entertainment Weekly in a long time. Probably since before any of you were reading lol! Well I have several favorite issues, one of them being the photo issue. This is a pretty good one!

There is a Hollywood at Work section featuring Tina Fey on the set of 30 Rock! Another great piece is The Hardest Working Actors in Showbiz, which features all those actors that you remember from this and that but you can never remember their names! It's a great article including Tina Majorino from Napoleon Dynamite among other things, Stephen Tobolowsky who has a whole movie that's him telling stories about his life in the movies, Stephen Toblowsky's Birthday Party and John Slattery from Mad Men. I love watching a show or movie and screaming, usually to myself "Oh that guy!" Another great feature is The Year's Best Outtakes from their photo shoots throughout the year. 

Past issues have included themed photo shoots with actors and other great things. I miss those. I think this issue has gotten slimmer each year but it's definitely still worth checking out!

This is one of my favorite magazines, what's one of yours?


  1. I love EW. I have an international subscription that costs an arm and a leg and comes like 3 weeks (or more) late. But I still love it.

  2. Have you seen Fametracker's Hey it's that guy! section.

    You might have some fun there.

  3. I love EW, too!

  4. I love EW as well! I've had a subscription for 4 years, and every year, I'm like "Oh, I shouldn't renew this year" and then they send me a renewal offer for $10 for the next year, and I always sign up.

  5. I do love EW something fierce. I also love John Slattery something fierce... he's such a silver fox.

  6. I stopped getting magazines because it was starting to cut into my book buying lol... I do read EW online sometimes.

  7. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Can you believe I have none? I get bored with them so easily. If I had to get one, it might be People.

  8. Lenore- You rule! It's so good, I don't think I could live without it if I lived abroad either! I think I've been getting it for like 10 years, that's crazy!

    raidergirl3- Awesome, i will be checking that out! Thanks!

    keri mikulski- I just got a free mini subscription so soon enough I'll be back in the know about celebrity gossip!

    A.- Whoo!

    S. Krishna- It's too good to pass up, i actually renewed for the next two years this weekend!

    Heather- He totally is HOT! Oh Man Men... I need to catch up on some episodes!

    ladytink_534- Hehe. I've found myself with probably 10 free subscriptions this year from one sort or another, it's crazy!

    J. Kaye- Yeah I get bored with them too, but i can't stop getting them! I love the Most Beautiful People issues, in high school I did a painting from a photo in that issue!


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