Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Lied Or I Actually Got A Few More Books Then I Let Onto

So you know how I go to the library book sale every week? Well this week I decided to finally pick up one of their 20 books for 2 dollars grab bags. Those things haunt me every week when I go. I figured I'd just donate or put on bookmooch whatever I didn't want, which was most of it. I just love anything having to do with grab bags! So the one I got was a "Teen Girl"bag. 

The most interesting thing inside of it was one of the books from Meg Cabot's Mediator series which I know nothing about really. I got Reunion, the third book in the series. So what I'm wondering is if anyone has read any of the books in this series? And if so, are they worth hunting down the first two or worth checking out from the library? I can't start with book 3 so I'm just trying to figure out how to go about getting the first two.

I didn't include any of this into my This Week In Books post because I didn't actually get a chance to really look at the books til last night! I think I'm also going to hold onto two Nancy Drew books and a book called Bird by Angela Johnson.

Thoughts on Meg Cabot's Mediator Series or grab bags in general? 


  1. I loved Meg's Mediator series. Definitely worth getting at the library. They're quick and light and fun. What other books did you get though?

  2. Definitely worth reading the entire Mediator series in order. They're super-quick - an afternoon's worth of reading each, if that - and a bunch of fun.

  3. I want one of those bags. o.o

  4. Love the Mediator series! Tons of good fun. You should definitely get the two first books at the library.
    I actually got the whole series signed by her when she came to my city.
    They're really quick reading-you'll definitely enjoy them. :)

  5. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Hey, you can't go wrong for 2 bucks. If all you got was 1 book, it was worth it.

  6. I'm iffy on grab bags. I've done it once or twice, but I've never really been happy with my purchases. There's a restaurant nearby that doubles as a used book store and sells cheap grab bags- good for beefing up the bookmooch inventory, but not much else.

  7. Yes! Yes, yes, yes. So worth it. One of my favorite series.

  8. I loved the series! Definitely get the first two. You'll want to read all six.

    I love grab bags. Sounds awesome! Plus, how could anyone resist 20 books for $2?

  9. I definitely recommend reading them. They're so much better than a lot of her later stuff. Oh, I was at earlier and the first entry on this list reminded me of you!

  10. I miss library sales like that...

  11. Never bought a grab bag. I know they are full of mass market ppbs that didn't sell otherwise. No thanks!

  12. i haven't read any of them...i think my sister might have the first though. they look good!

    as for grab bags, that would be soo fun!! we don't have anything like that, where they put the books in the bag for you! i love library sales though.


  13. Anonymous9:42 PM

    No thoughts about them! But I think grab bags is real cool idea, and

    one more thing, Josh [Matrimony] actually mailed me :D !!And said my book is on its way YAY!

    and even gave me an offer of running a giveaway if i want after I have done reading the book! WOW! Can you believe that?! Such a nice person! :)

    thanks ALEA!

  14. Anonymous7:07 AM

    After my last library sale, I have refused to go back. Of course that spending ban has a lot to do with it!

  15. kelsey- Of the books I'm not planning on keeping I got several R.L. Stine books, 4 books from a series called The Girls of Canby Hall, some Sweet Valley Twins books and other random things!

    fyrefly- Yay!

    khyrinthia- I heart any and all types of grab bags!

    liv- That's awesome that you got the whole series signed!

    bermudaonion- Exactly!

    marie- A restaurant/used book store! That's awesome! In my college's town there was a dollar store/video rental place!

    chelsea- I've added them to my bookmooch wishlist so I'm on the watch!

    amee- I could not resist! Well I did for several months and then gave in!

    taren- LOL! Thanks for the link :D

    jena- Oh I know, gotta take advantage of them, never know when they will vanish!

    lenore- Yes it is true, I just had to see inside for myself! I think my favorite grab bag was one from a Sanrio store, it was a cute attack!

    shooting stars mag- I was hoping my local library would have a big sale this fall, like last year, but since they had one this summer I guess they aren't!

    veens- I'm so excited for you :D

    J. Kaye- Yeah the spending ban would make me about the crankiest person ever i think! I couldn't do it!

    Thanks to everyone for weighing in! I'd never really heard anything about the series so it's good to know it had a lot of fans!!!!!!!!

  16. I've never read anything by Meg Cabot, so I can't weigh in on that. I just wanted to say that library sales rock! I'm actually hoping to check one out with Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit) today! Can't wait!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  17. anna- Ahh, can't wait to see what you found at the library sale!!!


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