Monday, October 27, 2008

My Favorite Commercial

I never considered the fact that I could have a favorite commercial but I saw this Saturday night and fell in love! It's totally clever and made me grin! Totally excited about the upcoming holiday season!

Do you have a favorite commercial?


  1. I do. It's one where a marching band is spelling out a URL and to make it unforgettable, the announcer says he's unleashing a pack of ravenous wolves. Then you see the wolves tearing apart the marching band. Makes me laugh every time! Unfortunately, it was not very effective because I can't remember the URL, LOL!

  2. Ok, I totally blogged my favorite commercial after seeing this

  3. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I started smiling before watching. Knowing you, I knew it would be great! I'm glad CB ended up with!

  4. I love the one where everything the guy touches turns to Skittles. If you see the full version it's hilarious.

  5. My favorite commercial is the Mastercard PayPass commercial where the elephant goes to the supermarket to pick up soup and medicine and such for his keeper:

    So cute!

  6. lenore- That sounds hilarious!

    s. krishna- Thanks for posting yours :D I liked it!

    j. kaye- Yay! It's it a great one!

    marie- I didn't know which commercial you meant and then last night... I saw it! I was like scream-laughing it's so funny!!!

    lana- Oh my gosh yes! I love that one! It almost makes me cry it's so sweet!!

  7. Anonymous12:27 AM

    LOL... how very cute :D i like i like! but never seen i ton TV :)

  8. veens- It is cute! I actually saw this at a movie theatre, I'm not sure that it's even on tv.


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