Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Silliness or This is for J. Kaye!

J. Kaye was talking about Simpsonize Me today so I thought I would dig up some avatars I've made of myself! I mean who doesn't want to see me as an M&M!

I think I made my Simpson a different way, I remember trying to Simpsonize myself but didn't have a photo that worked so I used a different Simpson maker else. I think it was related to the movie release!

Ok, who else has got some silliness to share!


  1. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Oh you are totally funny! I love both...lol!

  2. Anonymous8:31 PM

    i got me also simpsonised :D I have also done it :-) Lemme put it up later today :o)

    thx to JKaye of course!

  3. I don't make a very good M&M so I stopped playing with it halfway through. I made a few caricatures of me from various other sites though.

  4. I have a Simpson's and a South Park me. I've never done the M&M one though!

  5. I did a simpson thingie but it doesn't look very much like me at all.

  6. that's a great avatar :-)

  7. J. Kaye- LOL! They are so fun!

    Veens- I'll come look!

    ladytink_534- LOL! Yeah the M&Ms are sort of strange looking. Yours are so cute, I'll have to try some of the other ones!

    amee- Ooooh are they posted anywhere?

    lenore- yeah mine don't really look like me either.

    marie- thanks!


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