Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Week In Books Or This Sort Of Makes Up For Last Week

Much calmer than last week! Definitely got some GOOD things this week!

Monday: Got a trio of young adult books from one lovely bookmoocher! Thanks!

I Received: 
Read My Lips
Hex Education
Girl v. Boy

Tuesday: nothing

Wednesday: nothing

Thursday: Remember last week when I said there was this cart full of awesome paperback books at the library store? Well I figured it was some sort of temporary overflow cart. But today on the side of it there was a sign that said "Notable Fiction $1-$3 Restocked Every Thursday" How cool is that! Every week there is potential for something new and exciting! Instead of the same stuff I've picked over for several weeks!

This Week I Got:
Love Walked In 
Water For Elephants

Friday: Couldn't resist seeing what was shaking at Borders, where I picked up the holiday themed anthology, Mistletoe. (I'm hoping to read it and Let It Snow as near to the holidays as possible!) They had some live music playing it was nice!

Saturday: Got two more young adult books from another bookmoocher!

I Received:
Queen Geek Social Club
Alpha Dog

What did you get this week?


  1. Yes, you were much better than last week :)

  2. I only got Living Dead Girl and I Know It's Over this week, both were really really really good.

  3. I got 10ish things, I think. Some highlights: In Your Room, Evernight, The Hunger Games, and 21 Proms

  4. I also received a lot of YA this week (mostly ARCS).

    Likely Story #2
    The Perfect Cut
    Leslie's Journal
    (I think the last two are Canadian).

    On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nothing.


    Dead Ringer
    Mo Dirty
    Scattered Leaves

    I am excited.

  5. Question - how do you get those perfect book spine shots??? I'm totally covetous!

  6. I got Sleepless by Terri Clark (from Harper publicist) and The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson (from YABC). I think that's it. I might have got those last week though. It seems like I've had them longer than I have I guess. lol

  7. I tagged you for a 7 random things meme in case you would like to post about it. Here is my post with more information:

    I was also curious which program you do to put your stacks of books without the background. I love the way it looks. I had a books to-read list, but it is always growing so quickly that I think I may switch to a format like yours and report the new books I get weekly.

  8. Hmm, Water for elephants...still one I need to read as well. Thanks for reminding me ;-)
    I love finding bargains like this!!

  9. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Do you know I still haven't read Water For Elephants? It kept getting pushed back and now I don't know if I ever will.

  10. Lenore- I guess we'll see how this week turns out ;)

    kelsey- I really want to read those two!

    khyrinthia- Those definitely sound good! I have Evernight, haven't read it and really want to read In Your Room and The Hunger Games!

    tina- Ooooh! That is exciting!

    s. krishna- Haha. I take a picture of the stack and then I bring it into photoshop and cut out the background. The pictures usually suck because I don't want to use my flash and distort any of the image but then the quality isn't very good!

    amee- LOL! I'm excited to read the Adoration of Jenna Fox.

    mrs. v- Thanks again for tagging me! Yeah I just pull the picture into photoshop and outline the stack to get rid of the background. You should do the books you get, I love reading when people do that!

    cessie- I love bargains! My friend recommended Water for Elephants probably more than a year ago, it sounds interesting!

    J. Kaye- In a few years it can be our Noontime Chat LOL!

  11. What a haul! This week, I've only received one book so far. It's sad, though it's not like I have nothing to read. LOL

    Diary of an Eccentric

  12. anna- Haha. I think it's just really fun getting things in the mail, especially when they are books!


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