Sunday, November 23, 2008

Perfect On Paper: Author Interview and Giveaway on

Remember when I was raving about Perfect on Paper last week by author Maria Murnane? Well the author has just done a great interview over at Betty Confidential and there is also a giveaway going on for an autographed copy over there!

She tells her tale of how she came to publish her book on her own! She also talks about her dad being her PR guy, and I have to agree with her, he's great! He sent me my copy of the book and included a very very nice note with it!

Let's help Maria get this book picked up by a publishing house so she can write another book, I for one cannot wait!


  1. Hi: We seem to have the same tastes! I reviewed this book earlier this summer and LOVED it! It was great.

  2. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Her dad is awesome!

  3. Tina- I think we do! I love seeing what you've been reading :D

    J. Kaye- He totally is!


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