Saturday, November 29, 2008

This Week In Books Or Its Finally Happened So This Is The DVD Edition!

Monday: Girl Stories by Lauren Weinstein

Thanks to Dewey for this book! I won it in a contest on her site!

Thanks to an extra special bookmoocher for this book! It was nice chatting with you!

Wednesday: nothing

Thursday: nothing 

Friday: nothing

Saturday: nothing

Raise of hands, who thought this week would never come or who hoped it would! But not so fast, because this happens to be the week of Black Friday I have something else to share with you! This week in dvds!

$20 at Borders, Borders Reward members were invited to shop on Wednesday instead of Friday!


30 Rock was around $14 and Sex and the City $9, I saw people buying all the seasons at once! P.S. I Love You and Ocean's Thirteen were $6.

Figured Blockbuster would have a semi special deal for the holidays and they did! The first three were 3 for $20 when they are usually 2 for $20 and the other two were $3.99

Pss... several of these are at the sale price on Amazon where I'm linking to, if you are interested!

So what did you get this week? Maybe books, maybe some Black Friday Deals? 


  1. Wow, only two books? That's crazy! LOL
    But yay on all the good deals for the DVD's. I've never shopped on Black Friday, but I think it would be I might go and try next year and see what I can find for cheap.

    As for me? I don't think I got anything this week....a couple review books maybe.


  2. I hit up that Borders sale, too, and picked up American Lion, 300, Firefly (which I have been watching religiously - I can't believe it took me this long to get my own copy!), Let it Snow, and Eat, Pray, Love. I'm just happy I didn't have to actually go shopping on Black Friday. :)

  3. Actually Black Friday does not really exist in Canada, but stuff is really on sale anyway! I did not do well with the books either - with one ARC - Why Didn't He Propose? but I found some awesome used DVD at the local library sale - I got:

    The Interpreter;
    Inside Man;
    Assault on Precinct 13;
    Post Impact;
    Ghost Rig (these last two are definitely B movies, but I love those!) I ended up paying $2.00 per dvd.
    Then the local Blockbuster was selling a used copy of Sex and the City the Movie for $10.00!

    Yeah for dvds this week!!! and boo for books!!!

  4. i can't believe that i got more books than you for once!

    you got some wicked crazy movie deals though!

  5. I got Revealers by Amanda Marrone from Pulse IT this week. I also got Prey by Lurlene McDaniel and Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her Head by someone whose name I forgot that I won from The Story Siren. I bought The Sound of Music dvd on Friday (but you already know that one). So a slow week as usual for me. ;)

  6. Great DVD'S!
    I didn't take part in Black Friday!
    Hope you enjoy your movies!
    Go pop some popcorn!!! :)

  7. I just told my dad to pick up the 24 movie since he didn't manage to record it to the DVR.

  8. Nice movie deals!! What Happens in Vegas is a super cute movie. Enjoy.

  9. Anonymous12:35 AM

    i have seen PS I love you :) and Ocean's 13 :) PS I love u made me CRY!

  10. Wow, lots of DVDs! I so want 30 Rock on DVD, but it costs so much and I also have no money due to being unemployed. Not good.

    But I bought some DVDs anyway. I now have Gilmore Girls season 3 ($14.99) and Stranger Than Fiction ($3.99), both from Best Buy the day before Thanksgiving, lol.

    And my week in books will be coming up soon on my new blogger account!

  11. I've been watching 30 Rock on Netflix instant and it's hilarious!

  12. Shooting Stars Mag- I know! And yes, I'm so excited about the dvds! It is fun, my sister had a great time running around Target at 6am!

    jessi- I LOVE Borders! I've heard great things about Firefly! I can't wait to read Let It Snow!

    Tina- Yay for sales anyways! Oooh you got some fun dvds!

    The Story Siren- I know! Today I've already gotten two books!

    Amee- Ahh, I want to read Prey every since it was brought up a few weeks ago when I did my review of Something Happened!

    Tempestt- I'm definitely going to enjoy them :D

    Lenore- Something happened with our DVR so a bunch of Mad Men Season 2 is missing, I'm bummed :(

    Tasha- It is super cute! So glad I found it on sale!

    Veens- Both good movies! You should read P.S. I Love You, the book!

    Book Chic- Being unemployed sucks! 30 Rock is hilarious, I got it for 13 dollars! Season 2 is $25 on amazon right now, might have to jump on that! So happy you are on blogger!

    Kelsey-So so funny! I like the one where Alec Baldwin is asked to be on the show and they show the outtakes from a video he is making and he really sucks at it and does like 20 takes, including one where he falls over!

  13. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Excellent deals!

  14. J. Kaye- for sure!


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