Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Week In Books Or Would You Believe Me If I Told You I Wasn't In Debt? It's True!


So I bet you are wondering where the heck I got all of these books on a Monday, usually the crazy buying is saved for the weekends (or Thursdays). Well I had Jury Duty on Monday and found myself about 5 minutes away from Half Price Books. Can't say no to that! Plus I had a coupon in my purse, honestly, this wasn't planned! I hadn't been to this location in probably close to a year! I've been looking for about 5 of these for a good while and was so excited to find them all! I've already read Veil of Roses which I remember enjoying. I have noticed with the Best American Series titles, if you wait long enough they always appear at Half Price Books and that they did! 

So if that wasn't enough I came home to...

From a lovely bookmoocher!

I won it in an auction, Leave a Mark over at Lauren's blog, Shooting Stars Mag! It's no ordinary version of the book, it's marked up by the author! I was very excited that right on the cover he pointed out that the cover model is indeed not him! I had my doubts about that and was happy to know for sure!! Thanks Lauren!

Tuesday: nothing

Wednesday: nothing


Picked this up at my weekly Friends of the Library Bookstore Stop.

This lovely book came in the mail, it is beautiful! I'm in love with these types of memoirs/graphic novels that are basically hand rendered journals. (I just ordered two more comic journals this morning SHAME)


Got this from a bookmoocher! Lots of YA books popping up lately! I'm in love with the colors and fonts used for this the book's cover and other books in the series!


Woke up to find this sitting outside of my room, most have snuck into the door yesterday afternoon/evening via UPS!

Yay for another YA find on bookmooch!

Expect some YA reviews in the near future! I'm OMG excited!

What did you get this week? How do you pick what to read first!?! What are you reading this weekend, are you enjoying it?


  1. I'm afraid those markups will make it impossible to sell to anyone. The book is defaced and carries no value. You were ripped off by the author.

    Scott Douglas

  2. Squeal!!! What a great pile!!! I have Peeled on my holiday wish list, going to add Stop Me If You've Heard this one Before and adored Bel Canto. Happy reading :)

  3. Anonymous12:56 PM

    What a great week you had! I can't wait to read about The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things - it sounds hilarious. Love the comment from Scott Douglas, too!

  4. EEP! You got Something, Maybe already!!!! LUCKY you! I got Jenny Green's Killer Junior Year and You Had Me At Halo in the mail, and...let me check the mail real quick....and, nope, nothing else.

  5. EEK! I am jealous. I got NOTHING this week - poor me, I only have 20 books left to read now! You are in for a BIIGIGIGI treat - anything by Mackler (The Earth... and Vegan) are great! Enjoy.



  7. hahahahah I must disagree with Mr. Douglas, I think it holds even MORE value. lol
    But i'm glad you finally got it and i hope you enjoy it. :)

    I got like...16 books from the library book sale today. It was bag day, so you put all the books you want in a bag and you get them all for 4 bucks, so that's like...four books for a dollar each i think? not too shabby!!!


  8. Wow! What a haul. I got the 2nd Molly book in the American Girl series from a member on Swap. My childhood collection is complete! (Except for Addy but I never read her series more than once.)

    I usually just read whatever strikes my fancy. Although sometimes if it's for Pulse IT or the blog, I'll pick it up more out of obligation than all out desire to read it right away.

  9. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Scott Douglas' comment is priceless!

    I got *Wanderers* too; the whimsical drawings are fun ...

    Have you read *Bel Canto* before? One of my favorite books!

  10. Anonymous11:23 PM

    ohh My freaking GOD! so MANY of the books!

    u make me Jealous on a Sunday LOL!

  11. I'm drooling over your pile! I almost picked up a copy of Peeled at the strand.

  12. Hey--how'd you get your hands on a copy of GoldenGirl? I didn't realize they were out there and circulating! Great news--hope you like!

  13. Anonymous11:09 PM

    bookmooch gives away ARCS?? now that's odd!

  14. Anonymous8:03 AM

    I haven't had any luck with Book Mooch, only PBS. :( Love your list!

  15. scott douglas- Haha! When I got it in the mail I freaked out, I never imagined a marked up book could be so exciting. It's definitely going to be a treat to read, THANK YOU!

    lenore- :D This was a good week (or bad, depends right haha) I'm glad you liked Bel Canto, it definitely seems original!

    bermudaonion- It does sound hilarious! Oh my gosh, his comment made me day, so funny!

    kelsey- I know, I'm so so so excited! You Had Me at Halo sounds really good, I'll have to watch for your review! LOL @ checking the mail! I think I got the mail and raced to finish this post i was so excited!

    tina- nothing? Oh that's no fun! It's good to hear you liked Mackler's books, I'm even more excited now!

    khyrinthia- Rawr is right! Too excited!!!!!!

    shooting stars mag- i'm totally going to enjoy it, it was so so much fun, i hope your auctions go on FOREVER! OMG you must tell me what you got in your bag or even better do a post about it!

    amee- Yeah Addy was a bit late in my American Girl reading phase. My sister has all the books right now and i told her "You are not allowed to get rid of these, most of them are mine!" She's done it with other books before, usually someone finds out before they actually leave the house!

    dawn- Haha, it was great wasn't it! I can't wait to read Wanderers! I haven't read Bel Canto before!

    veens- Sorry, they are all over the place in a big mess if that helps you feel less jealous!

    sharonanne- You and me both, crazy awesome week! I aspire to go to the Strand bookstore as you know and also Powells!

    micol ostow- I hope i like it too, very excited by the concept!

    anonymous- I've read a few message board posts about it and i guess the justification is that since you are trading books and not selling them for money it's ok to swap arcs.

    j. kaye- i basically stalk my bookmooch wishlist. it also helps that i randomly wake up at like 4am, definitely a good time to mooch things!

  16. i still have to mark up violet on the runway! i'm halfway done but so far behind. oops!

    i read "something, maybe" and i love it when elizabeth scott does love. :)

    i'm reading a few books at once, including my FIRST meg cabot--how to be popular!

  17. Melissa- I think that would be so fun, commentary on a book, love it! I am very excited about Something, Maybe!


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