Thursday, December 11, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Time Is Of the Essence

1. Do you get to read as much as you WANT to read?
(I’m guessing #1 is an easy question for everyone?)

2. If you had (magically) more time to read–what would you read? Something educational? Classic? Comfort Reading? Escapism? Magazines?

1. Heck No! I basically read on the bus during the week. And when I'm lucky about 15 minutes at night before I fall asleep! I usually hardly read on the weekend which I hate- it just never happens! I definitely wish I could read more on the weekend!

2. Well in general I would read the 100s of books in my TBR pile! And more specifically all the young adult lit and graphic novels I have purchased over the last year or so! 


  1. Anonymous10:35 PM

    (On # 1) I feel your pain.

  2. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Wow! I read for mebbe 2 hours daily :( too!

  3. Anonymous1:58 AM

    Oh, that sucks. I think I'd tackle my TBR pile more energetically if I had more time to read, too.

  4. lol. I don't think anyone on this question was like, "What are you people, crazy? Of COURSE I have plenty of time to read!" :) Thank goodness for Christmas vacations.

  5. Karin RN- LOL, thanks!

    Veens- Yeah, It's usually less than that for me. Maybe an hour and a half?

    Meghan- I agree, definitely!

    jessi- Hahah! If someone did we'd have to go visit them and see how they do it! Vacations are the best!


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