Thursday, January 22, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Inspired

Since “Inspiration” is (or should) the theme this week … what is your reading inspired by?

I think my reading is inspired by a lot of things. My interests are always growing and changes so that's reflected in my reading. It seems I get really excited about a genre for a year or more and then move onto another (but still remain interested in the rest as well, so I basically go around collecting more genres that are of interest to me) I think the last few genres I started reading were: memoirs, short stories, graphic novels, and now YA.

I'm also inspired by what others are reading and talking about. That's why the book blogosphere is so great! Browsing a bookstore or looking at recommendations online are great too. I also love falling in love with the idea of a book through its cover, hoping the book is as great as the cover.

Usually when I find out about something that I think may be of interest I always look to see if there is a book about that subject matter!

Not sure if that really answers the questions by yeah...

What inspires your reading?


  1. great answer! i love how you can never run out of books so every time you want to learn about something new, there's a book (or a few- or a lot!) to get started with. :-)

  2. You answered the question perfectly! I am the same way when it comes to new genres but I don't last as long as a year. I consume everything about that genre or subject for about three months before experiencing burnout.

  3. My problem is I am interested in so many different types of books all at once that I sometimes feel overwhelmed. It's not a bad dilemma to be in, I suppose. :-)

    I tend to collect genres that interest me too. Sometimes I am not actually reading that particular genre at the moment, but there's something in my brain that is craving it for later.

  4. YAY for YA! I discovered how awesome it is these days just right before I started posting book reviews on my blog. You could say it had a big part in what my blog is today!

  5. I definitely said other blogs, but this was a hard question to answer!

  6. Marie- Exactly!

    N. Vasillis- Hehe. Right now I wish I was reading a lot of YA (probably why I'm buying so much) but then my other interests get in the way! So it's hard for to to burnout.

    Literary Feline- Exactly! Well put!

    Lenore- All the YA blogs I started reading is what got me interested in the genre and jumpstarting my blog as more book focused! :D

    S. Krishna- It was!


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