Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Bookshelf Meme

I was tagged by Korianne of Korianne Speaks for this meme!

1. Tag 3-5 people, so the fun keeps going!
2. Leave a comment at the original post at A Striped Armchair, so that Eva can collect everyone’s answers.
3. If you leave a comment and link back to Eva as the meme’s creator, she will enter you in a book giveaway contest! She has a whole shelf devoted to giveaway books that you’ll be able to choose from, or a bookmooch point if you prefer.
4. Remember that this is all about enjoying books as physical objects, so feel free to describe the exact book you’re talking about, down to that warping from being dropped in the bath water…

1. The book that’s been on your shelves the longest:

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

I'm just taking a guess here but I recall reading this book over and over again when I was little and learning how to read. Before I could even read I'm pretty sure I just memorized it and said it over and over again (like I was reading) before I could actually read the words! I'm not sure if anyone in my family could actually remember how much truth there is to that but that's what I remember!

2. A book that reminds you of something specific in your life (a person, a place, a time, etc.):

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Again, I'm depending on my memory here but, I believe one of my cousins gave this to me when I visited Lebanon when I was 9 years old. I have no idea why they gave it to me but I'm pretty sure that's where it came from. And sadly enough, I still haven't read it! I think for awhile I assumed I was too young to understand it but now I have no excuse!

3. A book you acquired in some interesting way (gift, serendipity in a used bookstore, prize, etc.):

An Idiot Girl's Christmas by Laurie Notaro

So, I was on vacation a few years ago with my family somewhere, no idea where, and of course I go into all the bookstores I see. I went into one and found this little tiny clearance section and this book was in it for a 50 cents or a dollar. I had read another of the author's books and liked so so I picked this one up. When up to the cash register to pay and the guy just looked at me, laughed and said "Just take it". So I said "Are you sure? I can pay." and he was like "No, it's fine". So I just slowly backed away and left. Very bizarre, for the life of me I have no idea what that was about, but I wasn't about to argue! And of course, still haven't read it!

4. The most recent addition to your shelves:

Red: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today

So this is one of a few of the most recent books I got. I think I originally heard about it on Melissa Walker's Blog a few months ago. I'm really excited to dive right into this, hopefully in the next few weeks. It's a great concept and I can tell there is going to be sure a diverse set of voices here, there is no way that this book could be bad, NO WAY!

5. A book that’s been with you to the most places:

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

So this book I bought while I was studying abroad in London for the month of July in 2004. I had brought The Catcher of the Rye with me and finished it. I didn't think I would have tons of reading time, which I really didn't. But wanted to find another book to read, so me and a friend or two went into a bookstore and had a grand old time looking at all the books we knew but with different covers! I'm not sure if I knew about this book before hand (I saw the movie at sometime not sure if it was before or after) but I remember being really taken with this cover. So I bought it and started reading it but then my friend insisted I borrow her copy of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants because it was so addicting, so I ended up reading that instead. Still haven't finished this book yet! :/ It did travel back to college with me and then home after I graduated.

6. A bonus book that you want to talk about but doesn’t fit into the other questions:

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

In the 11th grade we read The Great Gatsby in my English class, I adored it and proclaimed it to be my favorite book! Basically in class we decided people either love it or hate it. I loved it while my good friend hated it. That Spring I had to get all of my wisdom teeth removed and my friend gave me a gift saying "You can't open it until after it is all over with and you are awake." So I think, on the way home I'm sitting there crying from the pain, I open the gift from my friend and it's my very own copy of The Great Gatsby! I was so touched that she would get it for me especially considering how much, she herself hated it! It totally brightened my spirit right away!

So wow, this was really fun to do! I'm going to tag a few people, feel free to do it or not do it (but it's really fun) I don't think you've done it yet but you may have and also anyone else fell free to do it too!

I'm going to tag: S Krishna of S. Krishna books, Sharon of Sharon Loves Books and Cats and Shalonda of Shalonda's blog!


  1. oh oh what a neat meme!

    I have a Dr.Suess story that is perfect for this.

  2. Omg, that is pretty awesome. I would love to have someone just tell me to take a book without paying. I would die from the sheer awesomeness of the experience. :P

  3. Anonymous1:57 PM

    YOU HAVE RED ON YOUR SHELF!!!!!! YAAAAYYYY!!! (Oh. I am in that book. Hence all the excitement.)

  4. My favorite Dr. Seuss book is Green Eggs and Ham. :-) I enjoyed reading your responses to this meme, Alea.

  5. That was great! I love reading stories about how people come to own certain books. Is there a book like that? If not, someone should write it.

  6. This is a fun meme -- I liked doing it and I like seeing what everyone else has to say!

  7. Ok, I've scheduled mine to post on Wednesday!

  8. Oh, your books look awesome. I am going to add "Red" to my wishlist.

  9. Sharonanne- I hope you do it, it was so much fun!

    Amee- LOL! I was actually kind of suspicious, like maybe he thought the book was so bad I shouldn't have to pay for it? LOL I don't know!

    Jordyn- I totally know you are in the book!!!!!!!!!!!!! That rules!

    Literary Feline- Aww thanks, I enjoyed writing them!

    Ladytink_534- It was so fun a great idea for sure!

    Taren- You are so right, I don't know of a book like that! That would be so fun to read!

    Beth F- It's so great!

    S. Krishna- Yay, I'll be watching for it tomorrow!

    Korianne- Thanks for tagging me!

  10. I finally finished mine!

  11. That is weird that they gave you that book for free! I just posted this meme today (here.). Check out my answer to that same question!

  12. Avisannschild- Yeah I'm still not sure why I got it free, it was strange!


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