Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Lookalikes 29

Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr

The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

Doing two lookalikes this week, this one was too good to not post right now. It looks to me like the photos of the girl are one off from each other, they are totally the same girl to me, hair, nose lips.

I like them both but like Khy said, there is something a bit off about the Awakening, I think it's the hands, they just look weird, sort of illustrated/stylized compared to the rest of the image. And also, I'm not feeling the title treatment. Actually, the hand on Fragile Eternity is a little weird too, in the highlights/shadows and I would like for the girl to be slightly more in focus. I like that title treatment better though. 

So I like the title treatment of the first cover and the face of the second and the hands of none! And these are being released a week apart from each other!

Which is your favorite?


  1. I prefer Fragile Eternity as well. The face looks a little troubled, and the butterfly is startlingly beautiful.

    Good spot on this lookalike, by the way. You must be great at that old game Concentration.

  2. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I think Fragile Eternity is prettier. The whole composition seems to work better, even though you're right about both sets of hands looking very awkward.

  3. Anonymous8:57 AM

    And by the same publisher. Weird.

    I was surprised by the FE cover. The author's first two covers were amazing, but this one seems recycled to me. Other YA Fantasy covers out recently/soon with the "blue butterfly":

    The Adoration of Jenna Fox
    Magic's Child

    I think it's an overused trope.

  4. I like Fragile Eternity the best. The butterfly is beautiful!

  5. They also remind me of the cove of Adoration of Jenna Fox! I guess the blue butterfly is big.

  6. Lovelovelove the Fragile Eternity cover.

  7. the first face seems to be sunken in a bit more in the cheeks, you know?

    the hands in The Awakening are a little odd though. don't look real.

    i like them both, but i think my favorite would be the first.


  8. Anonymous2:44 PM

    These remind of The Adoration of Jenna Fox as well. Very similar.

  9. I usually decide for myself before I read your comments on the book covers, and like usual, I agreed with you. The hands on The Awakening look really weird.

  10. Ever since seeing The Awakening cover I thought her hands looked odd and shriveled. lol

  11. I like Fragile Eternity better. The face on The Awakening is more striking, and I like how the lip color pops, but those hands are really off-putting. Or maybe I'm prejudiced because I'm a huge Melissa Marr fan...

  12. Good spotting!
    I prefer Fragile Eternity pretty much because of the butterfly :)

  13. Prettier: Fragile Eternity
    More professional looking: the Awakening
    Though...I agree w/ Lauren, the hands in that one look a little funky...

  14. I love seeing these! I like the unfocused face in the first one. The hands in the second one do look like they were photoshopped in or something.

  15. Anonymous9:25 PM

    The first one! :)

  16. Anonymous- That is really weird it's the same publisher! And good call on the blue butterflies!

    Shooting Stars Mag- Yeah the face definitely is sunken in, I don't like that.

    Thanks for your input everyone!


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