Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lookalikes 31

TMI by Sarah Quigley

Ad at a local grocery store

So I walked into the grocery store this morning is search of some healthy food and stood outside the door dumbfounded with my mouth hanging open seeing this lookalike. I went back later in the day to snap this picture.

So I'd say it's a pretty easy choice this time, the book cover is so beautiful I love the illustrations! Notice the difference in eye color, green to match the green of the cover and blue to match the blue of the ad. I wonder which is her real eye color, who knows maybe she really has brown eyes!

So (if it's even a choice) which is your favorite?

UPDATE: 4/18/09:

Sunny Side Up by Marion Roberts

And pointed out by Steve Brezenoff:

An Abudance of Katherines by John Green

That could very well be the same cover model!

Here's two from Deborah:

Update 5/3/10 Here are some more thanks to Deborah and Kate and myself:


  1. Of COURSE the book. That's kind of hilarious though how a book cover AND an ad lookalike! Fun stuff.


  2. The picture is so beautiful. No wonder why they used it for the cover and the ad as well. I love the book cover more of course : D

  3. I noticed that you are a follower of my blog (I am very flattered!). I bookmarked your site a while ago and check it routinely as I am huge book nerd. I just wanted to let you know that I changed my blog name & address to:

    Happy New Year! Keep up the great posts!

  4. Haha! Good find, the book cover looks great. I wonder what the author thinks of the cheesy grocery store ad though :)

  5. Too funny about the ad. And I'm amazed at what a good eye you have for these. I'm such a word person, I sometimes forget to fully take in the cover art.

  6. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Boy, do you have a good eye. I would have looked at the ad and wondered why it looked familiar to me and probably wouldn't have figured it out. I like the book cover better.

  7. Definitely the book cover!

  8. Sooo cool! And I really want to read TMI!

  9. Ha isn't that funny! I would have to say the book!

  10. The book, of course. How weird to see a lookalike in the supermarket! haha

  11. Anonymous6:05 PM

    LOLOL! You are a magnet for this stuff! And I love the book cover.

  12. Wow you've got a great eye! A book and an ad. i like the book - the ad looks like she has antenae or something.

  13. Remember in my last comment, where I said I didn't like photographs? Well, I like this one for a book cover. I really like this style of book cover with the top half of the face peeking into the bottom of the book cover.

    While th book cover is amazing I have to say the grocery store ad is pretty eye catching if you ask me. It definitely caught your eye right?

    So it isn't really a contest between the two but I think they both make really good use of the image.

  14. Thanks everyone, this is probably my favorite lookalike yet!

  15. I found another look-a-like for this book here. I saw it in an ad online on the sidebar today.


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