Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Academy Award nominee Mike Leigh (Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, Vera Drake, 2004), delivers the delightfully fresh and cheerful comedy Happy-Go-Lucky. Free-spirited and effervescent, Poppy is a schoolteacher whose unstoppable optimism guides her life. Bubbling forth with giggles, laughter and jokes, life's a bowl of cherries even when she comes across a few pits. Whether it's a cranky driving teacher or a fiery flamenco instructor, Poppy embraces life on the sunny side of the street. It's a joyous, feel-good film you'll find irresistible. Bonus features include: Behind the Wheel of Happy-Go-Lucky, Happy-In-Character, audio commentary by Director Mike Leigh.

I'm not really sure if I would call this a straight up comedy, but then again it wasn't a drama, it just was what it was. For the most part I loved the character of Poppy, she's always in a good mood trying to make other people's days better and live the life she wanted. At some points I did think she could stop talking if only for a few minutes though. Most of the time she was pretty funny, I'll admit.

I loved the tension between her and her driving instructor Scott, they are complete opposites. Poppy pushed Scott's buttons the whole time and got a great laugh out of it. I also loved the scenes between Poppy and her flatmate Zoe, you could tell they were great friends.

There was one rather strange scene that didn't really fit with the rest of the movie though, it was only during the special features that it made any sort of sense to me, I found that scene unnecessary. The ending I felt was rather rushed, it just kind of ending when I personally thought there was a bit of unfinished business that need to be dealt with.

All in all this was a sweet quirky movie that definitely deserves a viewing.

Happy-Go-Lucky was released on dvd March 10th

3.5/5 Stars
Watched via Netflix


  1. Thanks for reviewing this movie! I'll have to rent it sometime soon. :)

  2. I just watched it over the weekend, and totally agree with your assessment. Really enjoyed it, but felt like the movie ended about 10 minutes before it needed to for resolution purposes.

  3. Call it a dramedy? I haven't seen it yet, but I do like Leigh's style of storytelling!

  4. This showed at my college a few weekends ago, but unfortunately I couldn't go watch it. So thanks for the review!

  5. sounds like a fun one :-) i"ll add it to my netflix queue!

  6. Amee- Sure thing!

    Elizabeth Encarnacion- I think we have the same taste in movies!

    Laura- I don't know, it wasn't really that serious apart for a few scenes, it's hard to describe.

    Steph Su- Wow your college is awesome!

    Marie- Hope you enjoy it!

  7. You LOVED the character of Poppy? Seriously?!? I thought she was the most obnoxious, annoying main character I have ever seen in a movie. Ever.
    And I can't believe you loved the tension between her and her driving instructor. I was seriously so annoyed by him and them together that I could barely make it through the whole movie.
    Anyhow, I'm at least glad that there were some people out there that liked this, although I told everyone I know to veer as far away from this movie as possible. Funny how people can have such DIFFERENT opinions!


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