Thursday, April 09, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Numbers Game

Some people read one book at a time. Some people have a number of them on the go at any given time, perhaps a reading in bed book, a breakfast table book, a bathroom book, and so on, which leads me to…

1. Are you currently reading more than one book?

Well, sort of. I started a book a few months ago on the weekend planning to finish it up quickly and of course that didn't happen. It's still showing in my currently reading widget though. I think I'll start it again to get the full effect. Everytime I do this the same thing always happens! The only time it works is if I'm reading a book and it seems like it's taking too long (like a week) and I take a break and read another one and then go back to the first book. I don't do that very often though.

2. If so, how many books are you currently reading?


3. Is this normal for you?

Since the Fall I think I've done this twice and haven't finished either of these second books yet!

4. Where do you keep your current reads?

Well I take it on the bus with me everyday so when it's not in my messenger bag it's right by me, by my bed!


  1. I rarely read more than one book at a time.

  2. I TRY to gobble just one book at a time, but more often than not, I sneak in a second, and sometimes third read, while on the go...


  3. Anonymous4:18 AM

    I am afraid that could happen to me too if I read more than one book...

  4. bermudaonion- It's just too confusing for me.

    The Book Gobbler- Hehe, sometimes you can't help it!

    violetcrush- Yeah, I think it's easier to stick with the one.


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