Thursday, August 13, 2009

BLOG TOUR: Two Years, No Rain by Shawn Klomparens

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An earnest journey from heartache to heartthrob and all the emotions along the way; at once an old-fashioned love story and a cautionary tale of self-reinvention.

In San Diego County, it hasn’t rained in 580 days. But for weatherman Andy Dunne, everything else is changing fast…Only a few weeks ago, he was a newly divorced, slightly overweight meteorologist for an obscure satellite radio station, hiding his secret love for a colleague, the beautiful—and very much married—Hillary Hsing. But nearly overnight, Andy has landed a new gig, flying a magic carpet in a bizarre live-action children’s TV show. So what is affable, basically decent Andy Dunne going to do now that he can do practically anything he wants? With a parade of hot moms begging for his autograph and a family that needs his help more than ever, Andy has a lot of choices. First, though, there’s this thing with Hillary, their heated text messages, a long-awaited forecast for rain – and a few other surprises he never saw coming…

Two Years, No Rain was a really engaging story. I really liked the character of Andy, he was a good guy, with a lot of problems recently thrown at him and I think he handles himself really well. In the beginning I felt bad for him and then when things start to look up for him I was cheering for him all the way. A lot of people in his position (being the star of a kids show kind of like Blues Clues) might let it get to their head and turn into a not so nice, cocky guy but Andy wasn't like it. He still helped his sister with her daughter and still lusted from mostly afar for his married friend Hillary (Hill). Nothing much changed in Andy's personality except that he became happier and finally had the strength to get in shape physically.

I really liked the passages that took place in the studio where Andy filmed his children's show. It sounded like a lot of fun. I also really liked his strange relationship with the peculiar Hillary. I didn't exactly understand her but I somehow still really liked her. You could tell how much she meant to Andy and vice versa even though she was still married. Usually that would be instantly off-putting that they were having an emotional affair but I found it really sweet.

I liked the weather theme used throughout the book, Andy was originally a weatherman, first on tv and then on the radio and the whole idea of the drought used in the book. I thought it matched Andy's life perfectly and I found it to be a really nice touch.

Overall I really engaging story about a man picking up the pieces of his life.

Two Years, No Rain was released June 23rd.
Genre: Fiction
4/5 Stars
ARC provided by author for blog tour
Shawn Klomparens's website


  1. an interesting premise.

  2. I enjoyed this book too. I thought Andy was a great character and it was fun to read about a man with a mid-life crisis for a change.

  3. Sounds interesting -- I like the cover!

  4. Glad you liked this book! Especially since quite a few have said it's a "man" book. :) I think it sounds very interesting, whether it's geared towards men or not.

    Thanks for participating in the tour, Alea!

  5. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I just finished the book last week and I would not call it a 'man' book or geared towards men, at all! It's definitely more for women but has a sensitive male as a central character. Chick lit with a guy character.

    Thanks Alea for the time and effort you always put into your book reviews!

  6. Yeah, I definitely didn't see it as a guy book at all! The main character just happened to be a man!

  7. Terrific review! I read and reviewed this engaging novel last month.


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