Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Grace and the Snack Attack by Charise Mericle Harper

After reading this new book about Just Grace you will know how to . . .
1. turn your favorite potato chips into a tasty chipwich.
2. draw and fold up your very own zine, which is a cool little book made from only one piece of paper.
3. look for and use the special powers of the wish chip.
This book will not help you know how to . . .
1. do fancy hairstyles for your cat.
2. make a flower garden in your room.
3. bake a four- or even five-layer cake.
But this book might make you feel a little bit hungry, and if it does, then you will know you are having a “snack attack” just like Grace!
Move over Judy Moody, Amber Brown and Clementine, there's a new spunky third grader on the block! Learn more about Just Grace at

I will admit that this book interested me because of the doodles on the cover and that it promised you would "Learn How to Make A Zine Inside!" Being all about cute illustration and zines I knew that this had to be a good time and I was definitely right.

While I'm far older than the intended audience for this book (elementary age) I could still appreciate the story and the accompanying doodles. Just Grace and the Snack Attack is the only book I've read out of the Just Grace series but it read fine as a stand alone for me. I loved the idea of exploring different ethnic foods, it's definitely a great topic for young children to be exposed to. It also talks about things such as family, friendship, what happens when you do something wrong, jealous and other things that are important for kids to learn about.

As far as reading level goes I'd say this would be the step between learning to read simple chapter books and full blown chapter books. The type is rather large on the page and while it isn't split into chapters it's split into small sections with their own headings such as "Eating Lunch" and the doodles also help break up the story.

Just Grace and the Snack Attack will be released on December 14th
Genre: Childrens
4/5 Stars
ARC provided by Amazon Vine


  1. The book looks and sounds adorable. Will try it if I have a chance ^^

  2. The cover is adorable!

  3. In high school I had a zine that I did for an independent study, but it was not made from just one piece of paper.

  4. This sounds just so cute!

  5. J.T. Oldfield- Me and some friends tried our hands at zines like 2 summers ago! I still have some in progress!

  6. I bet lots of little girls would love this for Christmas. Sounds like it could be paired with The Daring Book for Girls for a great gift pack.


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