Sunday, November 01, 2009

This Year In Movies: October

This month I watched 12 movies! I took a break from my challenge movies to watch some things I wanted to and saw some great things!

Pretty Devils- Did not like this. Probably the worse Audrey Tautou movie I've seen.

I Love You, Man- Pretty good, funny and I little cheesy. I prefer both guys in some of their other roles but it was worth a watch.

Away We Go- Amazing. I wish these are the roles Maya Rudolph always played. She was funny on SNL but this was AMAZING.

17 Again- I liked this so much I'll probably buy it. LOL. Definitely a feel good movie!

Coraline- Another AMAZING one. A zillion times better than The Nightmare Before Christmas which honestly still kind of creeps me out.

Manhattan Murder Mystery- Enjoyable. Woody Allen's movies are hit and miss and this was more on the hit side!

Where The Wild Things Are- Another amazing one. Definitely more for adults, just because a movie is PG doesn't mean a kid will like it! I think most children would get bored and possibly scared.

The Brothers Bloom- Ok. The best scene is when Rachel demonstrates all of her hobbies. It was not nearly as exciting as I had hoped it would be.

Year One- Way way too cheesy. Worst Michael Cera movie I've seen, should have known since Jack Black is in it. He can be good in some cases but in others it's way way too much.

Good Dick- Fascinating. I was pretty much in a trance when I was watching this movie.

My Life in Ruins- Cute and fun. It's not My Big Fat Greek Wedding but still fun!

The Proposal- A fun and cute chick flick. Loved that Oscar from the Office was in it. Totally different role for him!


  1. I totally agree with you about Coraline. I'm still fascinated with how they made that movie!

  2. I watched Coraline this month, too. Stop-motion animation is so incredible.

  3. Good Dick was fascinating. We watched it a while ago. I liked it.

    I Love You Man was too funny! :)

    I want to watch Year One!

  4. all right all right all right.
    I'll watch Coraline


  5. I watched Coraline this month in 3D -- some of those shots were awesome! Thanks for the list.


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