Saturday, January 02, 2010

This Week In Books Or How Did Those Felties Get in There?!


Softies Only A Mother Could Love edited by Jess Redman and Meg Leder
E by Matt Beaumont
A Page Out of Life by Kathleen Reid
An Alphabet of Aunts by C.M. Dawnay and Mungo M'Cosh
David Boring by Daniel Clowes

Got these at Half Price Books. Actually put a bunch of books back that I had picked up!

The Softies Kit by Therese Laskey

Surprise in the mail from Irish/Gail I was so shocked and at first had no idea who it had come from. Thank you Gail!!! Couldn't resist sticking the feltie (or softie as this kit calls it) in the picture. The large one is to pattern and then I made a mini one to maximize the cute. It's an ice cream sandwich if you can't tell, can't really see the ice cream part with the way I've shot it.

Fireworks over Toccoa by Jefrey Stepakoff

From Amazon Vine.

Tuesday: nothing


Major Crush by Jennifer Echols

First bookmooch book in awhile!

Thursday: nothing

Friday: nothing

Saturday: nothing


  1. look at those cute felties! and I think you are right...the smaller one is cuter.

  2. I love Major Crush!

  3. I like the googly eyes. So cute!

  4. Yes Cat! I was like oooh googly eyes would totally work for felties and this was the first one that got them! Easier than cutting them out of felt!

  5. I wish we had a Half Price Books near us! What a good friend Gail is!

  6. Those felties are adorable! Does it show you how to make little feltie turtles in that book?

  7. How cute! I loove felties. I got some for my niece and she's constantly playing with them. I love this IMM, the bright colors are awesome!

    Here's what I got this week:

    Have a great start of the year!

  8. Your felties are so cute. I think I might have to get the Softies book.
    Here is my mailbox

  9. Interesting books Alea! Aww felties are so cute! Happy reading!

  10. cool books! and that ice cream sandwich is like yummy squared, too too cute! :-) enjoy!

  11. Gail is so great! I love the little ice cream sandwich -- what a cute idea.

  12. Ha, googly eyes rock. Awesome books (and cute little felties) this week!


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