Monday, February 01, 2010

This Year In Movies: January

This month I watched 6 tv shows and 3 movies on dvd!

Secret Diary of A Call Girl Season 2- As good as Season 1, wonder if this is the end.

The IT Crowd Season 3- Still hilarious, some good special features.

Handmade Nation- Really interesting. See review here.

Ace of Cakes Season 1- I think I liked later season better, but these were good too! P.S. Looks like Season 4 is on dvd, I saw it at Target!

Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 3- Even worse than seasons 1 and 2, why do I keep watching?

Post Grad- Very cute. The ending was a little abrupt though, needed a few more minutes.

Dexter Season 3- Lots of life changes for Dexter, definitely as strong as the other seasons, maybe even better.

Craft In America Season 1- The first episode wasn't very exciting but it got better from there. It follows the artists as they make their crafts and tell their stories. PBS show.

Whip It- Another favorite of 2009, wish I had seen it sooner.


  1. I watch Secret Life just gets worse and worse but I cant look away!

    I want to watch Secret Life of a Callgirl. I have heard great things about it and I love the actress on Doctor Who. Too bad my Netflix queue is completely full again!

  2. Anonymous9:55 AM

    I agree that Secret Life is so far downhill and into the toilet, that it's not worth watching. The whole masturbation thing is really, REALLY too much for me. I've told my teens that if it gets any worse, it's banned from our televisions.

    I still like Cake Boss better than Ace of Cakes, lol, but they're both good ;-)

    I really don't like Dexter anymore at all. Since the whole Lila thing, I'm done with it. I'll stick with the books, instead.

    I just watched Whip It this weekend and it was fantastic :-D And it's from the book called Derby Girl by Shauna Cross, which I put on my wishlist.

    OH, have you tried GLEE? It's quite a fun and cute show. The kids actually said they'd trade Secret Life for GLEE :-D

  3. I'm glad you guys agree about Secret Life, that show is crazy!

    thekoolaidmon- GLEE!!!!! It's my favorite show of this season by far! :D

  4. Secret Diary of a Call Girl - You mean the British show?? because if you do, then it's not the end :-) season 3 starts here this week

  5. LovesSam- Yes yay!

  6. I totally feel the same way about Post Grad and Secret Life. I thought Post Grad was going to be a lot better, but really it was just kind of disappointing : ( Oh and Secret Life is just totally ridiculous, but I keep watching haha.

  7. I really want to see Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I loved Billie Piper on Doctor Who.

    And I agree on Secret Life too. It used to be a guilty pleasure, but now . . . not so much.

  8. Anonymous8:59 AM

    There is a third season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl that just started on Showtime. So far it's very good.

  9. Season two is not the end of Secret Diary. The new season just started on Showtime a couple weeks ago and it's right up there with season one. Loads of Belle gettin' busy in teenie lingerie :)


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