Saturday, March 13, 2010

This Week In Books Or *$&#!!!


Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

For review.


Captain Jack's Woman by Stephanie Laurens
Duchess by Night by Eloisa James
Heart of Fire by Kat Martin

Wicked All Day by Liz Carlyle

Sleepless in Scotland by Karen Hawkins
Some Like It Wicked by Teresa Medeiros

Prince of Dreams by Lisa Kleypas

A Duke of Her Own by Eloisa James

Scrambled Eggs at Midnight by Brad Barkley & Heather Hepler

Library, how is it they have a ton of new books every week!?

To Sin With A Scoundrel by Cara Elliott

For review. Yay!!!

Wednesday: nothing....

BUT I went to my local library and actually CHECKED OUT some books and dvds (!!!!) on knitting and crocheting! Probably the first time I've used the library in a long time!


Beauty and the Scarred Hero by Emily May
The Earl's Forbidden Ward by Bronwyn Scott

Miss Winthorpe's Elopement by Christine Merrill

Match Made in Court by Janice Kay Johnson

An Unlikely Setup by Margaret Watson
For the Love of Family by Kathleen O'Brien
Possessing Morgan by Bonnie Edwards

Caught in the Act by Samantha Hunter
His Little Black Book by Heather MacAllister
(already read)
Mediterranean Boss, Convenient Mistress by Kathryn Ross

Did a little shopping on eHarlequin a few weeks ago and because I ordered on Friday I got a free book!


A South Texas Christmas by Stella Bagwell

Falling for the Texas Tycoon by Karen Rose Smith

Remember Texas by Eve Gaddy
Texas Baby by Kathleen O'Brien

The Horseman's Secret by Jeannie Watt

The Hometown Hero Returns by Julianna Morris

In the Heart of the Outback... by Barbara Hannay

The Virgin's Secret by Victoria Alexander

Temptation and Surrender by Stephanie Laurens

Like No Other Lover by Julie Anne Long

A Gift of Grace by Inglath Cooper

The Marriage Wager by Candance Camp

So Enchanting by Connie Brockway

Let me start by saying, it wasn't my intention to go back to the library, the thought never crossed my mind... but I took a bus I don't usually take and I would have missed my transfer by literally 1 or 2 minutes with the next bus not coming for 20 minutes and I just hate hate hate standing at the bus stop waiting for that long, so I went to the library. Probably better than getting an unhealthy snack or something right? RIGHT?!?! ;)

Truth or Dare by Lori Foster
To Bed A Beauty by Nicole Jordan

Bookmooch. Of course all this just had to come this day to make me look crazier!

What the Librarian Did by Karina Bliss

The rest of my Amazon order I got last week.

Once A Gambler by Carrie Hudson
Naked Attraction by Jule McBride

I signed up for a free book deal from Harlequin and this was it!


Little Vampire Women by Louisa May Alcott and Lynn Messina

LOL! This just makes me laugh, I'll have to give it a try!


  1. Holy crap, you got Linger!! And whoa, that is a loooooot of books. I hope you enjoy the one's you read :D

  2. Wow... lots of books. Linger!

  3. OMFG! I'm gonna steal a lot of those romance books! :P

  4. Sooo many great books! I wish I had Linger, is it an ARC? Even better :)

  5. Holy smokes Alea you had an awesome book week. I am so jealous of your library sales. Wish ours was like that.

  6. wow Alea! i have no words! looks like you've been enjoying your romance novels though! you always make me feel better about my addiction! lol!

  7. W-H-O-A!! That's quite a stack of books for one week! Awesome!! Enjoy them! :)

  8. Jenn from jennsbookshelves and I are co-reading Little Vampire Women next month if you want to join.

  9. Wowee - what a week! I bet your arms are tired from lugging all that loot. Enjoy!

  10. lol i totally love your romance book addiction. is great isn't it?? all the free stuff you can get!

  11. I think you're beyond help now. :P Does the library provide a basket or something for you to carry around? I can just imagine you with a huge stack of books trying to balance them all to the checkout.

  12. wow, thats a lot of books.

  13. Linger!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it!!!!

  14. Amee- Sadly no! I usually walk around trying to balance them/drop them and sometimes they let me put them on the counter with a sold sign while I keep looking lol! One time I bought a little bag with their logo on it, so now I keep that with me, stuffed at the bottom of my messenger bag so I can lug books home in it!

  15. OMG! That's lots of books. Romance novels can be addicting. Right ?

  16. Holy Books Batman! Wow!! Hope you enjoy it!

  17. Oh wow! Have fun with all your reads! That is quite a pile ;)

  18. Wow! You got a great bunch of books this week. I am jealous that you have Linger. I really am looking forward to that one. Happy reading!

  19. I'm awed, that is quite the haul. Such great books, enjoy!

  20. My goodness that's a lot of books!

    I only want Linger!

  21. I'm jealous! You have Linger! You should see my list...It's two posts over two weeks!

  22. What a stack of books!!!!! Totally jealous of the Linger book. Look forward to hearing what you think

  23. Holy Shiznitz!!!
    Go for it!! Books Galore! I love it....

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh... lucky lucky!! I cant wait to see your thoughts on it!!

  24. When you can take a picture of your books and it's not longer possible to read all of the titles, you have TOO MANY!

    (Just kidding. But really, where is my giraffe structure?)

  25. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Wow, that's a ridiculous number of books - lucky you!

  26. Shanyn- LOL! I took it that way to try and hide all those books in the back but I think I ended up emphasizing them! oops!

  27. haha wow, that's an insane amount of books (in a good way, of course). Happy reading!

  28. What a great pile of books! I am really looking forward to Linger.

  29. Great list! Stumbled across your blog from The Story Siren. Happy reading!

  30. Wow, you got so many books this week. How long do you think it'll take you to get through all these?

    I've been meaning to pick up Scrambled Eggs for some time now, enjoy!

    Check out my mailbox for the week :)

  31. Holy Toledo, that is one crazy hall you made last week. Made my eyes crossed just reading them all. Enjoy them.

  32. great books! To Sin With A Scoundrel looks good.

  33. Wow~ So many books! And awesome titles too. Hope you enjoy them all.

    Happy reading!

  34. Hollllly Crap, and I thought I got alot of books. I feel like I should be listenting to angelic music in the background when I look at that picture. I just so happen to hit a library sale as well and although I did go, I in no way did as well as you. Well done. Here'smine


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