Monday, March 01, 2010

This Year In Movies: February

This month I didn't watch much due to having to leave town and other unexpected things but, I watched 3 tv shows on dvd and 3 movies!

United States of Tara Season 1- I watched the pilot of this show a long long time ago when it first premiered. The rest of the season was great. I love the mystery they begin to solve of an event in Tara's past that triggered her multiple personalities (that's not what they call it on the show, i've forgotten what they call it!).

New York, I Love You- Not as good as Paris Je t'aime which was disappointing. Some of the stories didn't make much sense but I'm still glad I saw it.

Bright Star- Really liked this movie, especially the first half. Some of the atmospheric shots were beautiful. The end of the movie started to lag but overall pretty good.

Big Love Season 3- Good! All sorts of secrets come out of the woodwork in Season 3!

The Invention of Lying- This was very clever and funny. Ricky Gervais makes anything funny!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 1- The sort of awkward/painful humor I associate with the Meet the Parents movies but less politically correct. Some of it was hilarious!


  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Bright Star looks so good & I've heard amazing things about it.

  2. I adored the United States of Tara. And it's dissociative identity disorder. At least I think that's how it's spelled ...

  3. I am really interested in seeing Bright Star. It looks beautiful!

  4. I want to see Bright Star SO BAD!!!!

  5. Bright Star seems good, and I want to see New York, I love you.

  6. I have New York I love you in my pile to watch... Very curious to it. Even more after your review ;)
    Didn't know the other movies you mentioned but will be on the lookout for those as well!

  7. I just got Bright Star from the library-can't wait to watch it!

  8. We love Tara! You know we used to love Big Love too, but for some reason we saw only the first couple episodes this seasons and then stopped. I don't know, the story lines aren't as interesting now.


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