Friday, July 02, 2010

Lookalikes 108

The Girl with the Mermaid Hair by Delia Ephron

The Mark by Jen Nadol (old cover see new cover below)

Well, I can't say that I like the stock photo so I'm glad that one of the covers used a new one! But more specifically I find the color palette of the Girl with the Mermaid Hair a bit dated.

The Mark (final cover)

Thanks to Mya, Lenore, Yan, Sharon, Kelsey and Paradox who also noticed this lookalike!

Have you spotted a Lookalike you would like to contribute? Send me an email!


  1. I'm not sure I like either color treatment.

  2. They're both eerie and creepy at the same time. I don't really like either!

  3. Anonymous8:54 AM

    When I first saw these books I actually thought they were the same book! It wasn't til I looked closely that I saw they weren't.

    I think I like The Mark just a bit better. I don't like the redish color on the other one.

  4. Wow, same picture and everything! I don't know, I don't really like either of them.

  5. I dont mind the first one - it looks a bit ethereal.

    the new one of the mark is a sideways look-alike for the Hungarian copy of Jenny Downham's before I Die


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