Thursday, August 05, 2010

Fortune by Megan Cole

Step into the world of the mega-rich… and the mega-bitches.

Three girls. One life-changing fortune…

Madison is so over New York. Her mom won't let her have botox and she can't leave the city because her step-father is sick. Snoresville. So when she gets a mysterious invitation to a private party in Capri, held by billionaire music mogul Brad Masters, she's determined to go.

Simonetta wants her mamma off her back. Of course she's not going to give up modelling in Rome to go back to her fusty little village. When she gets her invitation, she sees the chance to lose her roots forever.

Sapphire just wants to write songs and hang out in the London record shop where she works. When she's invited to Brad's party, she doesn't even want to go – but her mum seems strangely excited about it.

Madison, Simonetta and Sapphire: three girls from different worlds who are about to find out they have more in common than they think.

I found the premise of Fortune to be rather interesting, 3 half sisters (that don’t know they are half sisters at first) competing for their extremely rich and successful new father’s fortune. The tag line is “Half Sisters. Half Enemies.” But it should have been more like “Half Sisters. Full Enemies.” The book is definitely very fun and also extremely catty, with a rich spoiled girl, a model, and a down to earth musician (can you tell which is the nice one?), throw in 2 boys and let the claws come out.

While the book was pretty predictable it was fun and extremely easy to read, I couldn’t believe how quickly I would go through the pages when reading. Basically the girls try to sabotage each other to make themselves look good and some hilarity ensures.

While there are a few twists and turns it ends how you would expect. I was hoping for some kind of shocking ending or something to make my jaw drop. Overall it was a light and fun summer read.

Fortune was released on July 8th 2010 (in the UK)
Genre: Young Adult
3/5 Stars
ARC provided by the publisher


  1. First time I'm hearing about this one. Sounds frivolous but fun!

  2. That might be cute if I was in the right mood, but otherwise, I'm not sure it's for me.


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