Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hardcover vs Paperback 95

Hold Still by Nina LaCour




In the wake of her best friend Ingrid's suicide, Caitlin is left alone, struggling to find hope and answers. When she finds the journal Ingrid left behind for her, she begins a journey of understanding and broadening her horizons that leads her to new friendships and first love. Nina LaCour brings the changing seasons of Caitlin's first year without Ingrid to life with emotion, honesty, and captivating writing.

Oooh this is as hard a choice as they come in Hardcover vs. Paperback land. I always really liked the hardcover, specifically the illustration and the title treatment and then I saw the paperback. And what a photo that is! The colors! But that font can go bye bye. Can I get a version with the illustration and title from the hardcover and the photo from the paperback? Pretty please?

Have you spotted a Hardcover vs. Paperback you would like to contribute? Send me an email!


  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    I like the top one better.. Both are beautiful covers though.

  2. The bottom one seems to fit the title of the book better to me.

  3. And, I read the hardcover version. It has so many awesome drawings and is creative throughout...I bet the paperback isn't so pretty.

    I loved this book! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I find that the hardcover fits more with the inside of the book because of the sketches and so on. Plus the title on the hardcover looks like it was written in pen and even has the indentation as if someone pressed too hard which is really cool. The paperback is gorgeous but I still prefer the hardcover.

  5. Mrs. DeRaps- I think all the illustrations from the inside (which i think there should have been more of!) would still be there.

  6. I love the paperback version. The hardcover doesn't do much for me.

  7. I think I like the hardcover better, but both are beautiful.

  8. I think both are awesome!

  9. I LOVE the paperback. I agree with the title treatment though that font is horrible and I hate the blur, I don't care if it goes with the whole motion of the photo, it looks bad. But I still like the paperback more overall


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