Monday, August 09, 2010

"This Beauty Doesn't Need A Beast."

This week we are discussing episodes 8 and 9 of Pretty Little Liars (Please Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone and The Perfect Storm.) Make sure to visit Carol and Khy for the rest of the chat!

Make sure to tune in tomorrow for the Summer Finale, boy that snuck up on us quick!



Khyrinthia: I find that anything Lucas says is humorous.

Alea: I liked when Mona said to Lucas "This Beauty Doesn't Need A Beast."

Carol: The lines where Hannah told Mona to back off! Any snarky line from Ali.

Alea: I think Spencer said something like "It must have been affirmative action for goths and emos" I think I cringed during that one.

Khyrinthia: Spencer is an odd one.

Carol: She is.


Khyrinthia: I can't wait for the finale! Lucas is awesome, Hanna is my favorite, and they need a musical episode just because. xD
Alea: I had no idea it was finale time, I'm really excited! Excited for Book 3 stuff!

Carol: The last two episodes haven't been too boring and I like the new scenes they've added.

Khyrinthia: Me too! The SAT thing was so fun.

Alea: It's getting better as they go, I'm happy about that!

Khyrinthia: Me too! Unlike some other teen shows that turn to garbage after a while.

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  1. It IS getting better as the show continues and I hope Lucas isn't a bad guy or anything. I really like him and he's perfect for hannah


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