Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Weekly Dose of Crafts!

As some of you may know, last Wednesday was the first session of a Knitting class I was trying to get into, I ended up going to the first session (because when I called they didn't have an answer) and turns out I was allowed to join the class! So in preparation for my class tonight I made two dishcloths from patterns I had. The heart one was the pattern I left my last knitting class with, the practice increases and decreases and had never completed.

As you can see I had a few issues with the bottom portion of the heart (it's totally not right!) and some of the edges but as I worked my way up the cloth it all went well from there on out. And that was after like 5 other false starts with 3 different types of yarn and 2 different sets of needles. Ugh! I'm glad it's done though!

Yarns used: 

Pink Dishcloth:

Lily Sugar’ n Cream Strawberry

Heart Dishcloth:

Lion Cotton Poppy Red

And because you can never have too many projects going at the same time I decided to start another scarf, the Isar Scarf to be more specific! This is my first time using a fingering or sock weight for a project! I think next time I would pick a yarn with less colors in it, maybe 2 total. This is looking kind of muddy to me. What do you think? Should I rip it out and pick a new yarn?

Yarn used: 

Berroco Comfort Sock 1818

And finally, I decided what to do with my 20-something skeins of Comfort DK (after changing my mind several times)! I'm going to make an African Flower Hexagon Motif Blanket!  I ended up not using 3 of the colors I had purchased for either being too similar to other colors or in one case for just being ugly in the end. I tried a variety of color palettes and this is what I ended up with, I really like them!

Yarn used:
2705 Pretty Pink
2704 Peach
2706 Limone
2709 Menthe
2707 Boy Blue
2708 Grape Fizz
2742 Pimpernel
2731 Kidz Orange
2719 Sunshine
2740 Seedling
2761 Lovage
2733 Teal/Turquoise
2758 Crypto Crystaline
2747 Cadet
2753 Agean Sea
2726 Cornflower
2739 Grape Jelly
2722 Purple
2723 Rosebud
2734 Liquorice

So now the question is how am I going to arrange these motifs. I decided I wanted to make a chart and really plot it out this time unlike my Summer Garden Granny Square blanket that's still being put together. So I made 6 charts and really can't make up my mind, none of them are really calling to me. So I would love your help in deciding, please feel free to vote in my poll and help me decide!

I also got a few books in the last week. Seriously someone has to buy Witch Craft and do a project with me! I really want to make something with someone else! There are some really cute things in there!

For more crafty goodness be sure to stop over at WIP Wednesday! And find me on Raverly as mint910.


  1. I will see if I can get my hands on WITCH CRAFT! I remember looking at it at the book store and thinking there was some cute stuff in it.

  2. Also, it's nice seeing your progress on new stuff, too. It makes me feel like I'm learning, too, since not everyone starts out perfectly!

    I love the flower one you're working on a lot.

  3. I love your little heart dishcloth - it might be a little crooked, but it was made with love, and that's what counts!

  4. Great job on the knitting! I can't wait to see what you make in your class.

    Wow, it was hard to pick which one you should do for the blanket pattern. I ended up picking hexagon because you know my new obsession with that in the round blanket. That pattern reminds me of it! LOL

    I'm going to try and pick up Witchcraft soon, so count me in!

  5. Kelly J- Oh my gosh you SHOULD get it and then we can make something together, let me know! Yes every new project I start I think looks a lot better than some earlier ones!

    Bermudaonion- Thanks :)

    Holly- That's where I'm leaning too!

    Tami- Yay, you, me and Kelly can make something together!

  6. The afghan will be gorgeous. I love the colors & the hexagons you're making. Good luck with the knitting, too. I'm a knitter who's learning to crochet... I'm finding it a little humbling (but fun) to feel like a totally confused beginner again.

  7. This post makes me want to start knitting-but I know I have no patience for it.

  8. I think the scarf looks *luscious* with all those colors! Don't rip it out!

  9. Hexagon, but Flowers was a very close second! And, I vote keep going on the scarf, too.

  10. I spy the Klutz knitting book back there. Awesome! I learned how to knit by testing instructions for that book when I worked for them.
    Somewhere in there is a burgundy coin purse (I think there's a blonde girl holding it) that was the first thing I ever knitted. It's a good omen. Have fun!

  11. I see that it's winning, but so much not 6!!

  12. Marushka C. - Enjoy! I learned both a week apart but was more interested in crochet so I ran with it. I was surprised I could still knit after all of the crochet!

    A Buckeye Girl Reads - If you change your mind you know where to find me!

    I ended up ripping the scarf out :( But restarted it with new yarn!

    Paula- That is so funny! I adore the Klutz books! The crochet one is really the reason I finally understood crochet!

  13. Hi! How did you make those charts? I'd really like to make one for my granny square blanket, too.

  14. Lu- Just made it on my computer in Illustrator. :)


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