Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Weekly Dose of Crafts!

This week I'm going all iphone pictures, sorry! 

Last week I got the newest issue of Crochet Today! At first glance I thought the Love Bugs were cute but didn't even realize they were Ladybugs. When I did I decided I must make one for a Christmas present. I hadn't made an amigurumi in months so it was a lot of fun and a heck of a lot faster than I remembered, I made it in a few hours one night!

Yarn used:
Vanna's Choice

Last week I finished my second (and third!) sock. This is the Ladybug sock in the sport weight. Can you tell I like ladybugs?

Between all these longer projects its fun to throw up short projects, here is another one, a fish washcloth based on this pattern. I'm not sure how I liked how the shape was formed with drawing the stitches together, it doesn't lay flat when you do that. 

Yarn used:
Sugar'n Creme
Hot Green

And finally over the weekend I finished my second worsted weight sock and I have a real honest to gosh pair of socks, well slipper type socks but still!

I decided it was time I try what I consider a real sock in fingering weight yarn. It is going a lot faster than I thought it would with such thin yarn and I'm actually about the turn the heel so I'm a lot further than this picture shows.

Yarn used:
Berroco Comfort Sock 1818

I also got some yarn in the mail this week that I ordered last week during Cyber Monday and a Holiday Sale on Tuesday. Last Tuesday I was on the hunt for some more of Red Heart's Shimmer, the local stores that usually carry it were out and I needed some ASAP to finish some presents so I took the chance to order online directly from Red Heart. I also got a few of their other yarns that aren't currently carried in store!

My family (in particular) my mom keeps asking if every sock I make is for her so I finally let them pick out some yarn so I could make them some socks! Luckily the Felici was on sale so I got that and a few other things in the Knit Picks Cyber Monday Sale. By the way, who doesn't love Felici? I'm seriously obsessed I think I'm going to buy some more....

And finally there is only one week left in the Mystery KAL I'm participating in! I'm definitely thinking it's a capelet! 

For more crafty goodness be sure to stop over at WIP Wednesday! And find me on Raverly as mint910.


  1. I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR SOCKS!!!!!!!! Yes, that had to be in all caps. LOL So awesome.

    Are you excited to finish your KAL? It's looking great so far!

  2. Your bug is very cute, like a bug.

    Good job on all your socks. They are looking great.

    Wow, that is quite a yarn hull. Color me jealous.

    I really like that yarn you are using on your KAL.

  3. Hmm, I do not see my fancy new felt mary-jane slippers in this post. ;)

  4. Your ladybug lovebug is so cute. That was quite the yarn splurge...I'll take one of everything! I like the colors of your mystery KAL project, too.

  5. The socks rock!!

    What a yarn haul, jealous errr yeah.

    The ladybug is cute

  6. Wow! You have a lot going on. I like all of your projects, especially those red socks. Beautiful!

  7. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Wow! Awesome job on all the projects. I love the lady bug! Very cute.

  8. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I'm loving your mystery shawlette/capelet!

  9. I love the mystery project! And you are such an awesome knitter.


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