Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weekly Dose of Crafts!

This quickly turned into the week of simple cowls! But before that...

I finished my last Christmas present and got them all wrapped and under the tree! Here is a scarf for my Grandpa seconds before I wrapped it!

Now it's time for cowls. I had seen several people making tube scarfs and I really wanted to try it but it ended up being much too large of a tube because of the needles I had, so it quickly became a cowl. I just sort of winged this one.

Yarn used: 
Bernat Roving Cobalt

I also finished my mystery KAL which turned out to be a shawl! Does anyone have any idea for blocking acrylic? I tried it once by steaming it with my iron and letting it sit pinned overnight and nothing happened. I think I need something that steams better.

Here is my sister modeling it in her robe lol!

I finished 3 more ornaments, I want to do a few more so I can have them as little gifts on the tree! As you can see a few have already been claimed by family members!

Finishing up the mystery kal freed up a needle size I needed to complete this cowl pattern. I am in love with this yarn, it's Lion Brand's Amazing!

Yarn used:
Lion Brand Amazing 2 balls Aurora

Being my first holiday season really doing yarn crafts I've only made presents for my family but being all done with those I realized I could make a friend a birthday gift! I am using this cowl pattern. I love the seed stitch, it's so pretty! 

Yarn used:
Wool Ease Thick and Quick 1 skein of Cilantro

Here is a junky picture of another Knit Picks order I got in the mail on Monday! Anyone check out the website today? There are new kits, yarn and all books are 40% off... I might have another order in my cart! 

For more crafty goodness be sure to stop over at WIP Wednesday! And find me on Raverly as mint910.


  1. Look at all those COWLS! Wow! Everything looks so good and the seed stitch looks fun! What's the white with black writing blanket thing you used as a background?

  2. You can put my name on that unclaimed ornament! LOL

  3. Tami- That is another one of my blankets lol! I have tons of blankets!

    bermudaonion- LOL!

  4. I am also obsessed with Amazing! We must not be alone, because it's always sold out at my local craft store :(

  5. Your mystery KAL shawl turned out great! Love the colors. I made a lace blanket out of acrylic and had to wet block it to get the lace to open up.

  6. I'll say it again, you are a machine!!

  7. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Your projects look great! I love the colors on that shawl. Its so pretty. =)

    I LOVE knitting cowls. They are the easiest stash-buster projects. I've made about 5 so far, with no plans to stop. =) I've played around with fair-isle designs, lace, cables. Its really a great way to expand your knitting stitch skills.

  8. I feel incredibly lucky I got one of those ornaments!!

  9. Sarah- I'm so glad you liked it! :)


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