Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hardcover vs Paperback 127

A Separate Country by Robert Hicks



Set in New Orleans in the years after the Civil War, A Separate Country is based on the incredible life of John Bell Hood, arguably one of the most controversial generals of the Confederate Army--and one of its most tragic figures. Robert E. Lee promoted him to major general after the Battle of Antietam. But the Civil War would mark him forever. At Gettysburg, he lost the use of his left arm. At the Battle of Chickamauga, his right leg was amputated. Starting fresh after the war, he married Anna Marie Hennen and fathered 11 children with her, including three sets of twins. But fate had other plans. Crippled by his war wounds and defeat, ravaged by financial misfortune, Hood had one last foe to battle: Yellow Fever. A Separate Country is the heartrending story of a decent and good man who struggled with his inability to admit his failures-and the story of those who taught him to love, and to be loved, and transformed him. 
While this is a book I probably wouldn't ever read I am really attracted to the hardcover. The colors are so rich and I love the off center and cropped portrait and the typography, it all comes together to create a really yummy cover. While the paperback still uses those same basic elements it kind of loses its magic I think.

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  1. I totally agree - hardcover all the way on this one.

  2. The first one reminds me of currency for some reason, like a dollar bill in how the color is saturated. I like both covers quite a bit.

  3. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I actually prefer the second. It's the one I'd be more likely to pick up.

  4. I actually like both covers, but think the hardcover shows a bit more.

  5. I think I'm with you on the hardcover. That one grabbed my eye instantly. The other one looks more muted.

  6. I got this book in hardcover most likely because of the cover. Maybe someday I'll actually read it haha.


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