Monday, May 02, 2011

Even though Pretty Little Liars is between seasons A is still keeping an eye on me....

I was wondering if I would hear from A anytime soon since Pretty Little Liars isn't airing right now, the summer premiere is June 14th! But she decided to let me know she was still out there! Last Monday I got this package to celebrate Earth Day.

She sent me some black gardening gloves, a shovel and a note that read "Shovels and gloves go together like secrets and lies What will you dig up? Happy Earth Day! -A" and the note was printed on one of those cards that you can plant and it has seeds inside of it which will grow. It says they are annual and perennial wildflower seeds!

There was also a wood shaving with a web address on it,

Who else is excited for the summer premiere! And the next book in the series, Twisted which comes out on July 5th and FINALLY has a cover!


  1. Still never read this series and only watched the first couple of shows, but they were good just never kept up with it. I am so behind. :(

  2. Yay! I loved the show and I'm in the process of reading the series. :) I love how a few people are getting presents from A, that is such a cute idea.

    Aryelle @ ReadingwiththeFishes

  3. I watched the first season but then because of work and other shows did not get to watch the second season...which books should I pick up so I am not that far behind?


  4. Joisey- Actually I'd say after the first episode or so the show has evolved to be something that is very different so not sure the books will help you much with the plot. I know the dvd of the whole first season (everything that has aired) will be out in June though!


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