Friday, June 03, 2011

#NinePaths Fourth and Fifth Paths

Yesterday I opened up my email on my MaiPad to see the beginning of the fourth path! The email instructed me to take out the mysterious pink bib (I couldn't wait to find out what the bib was for!) in my game box and look carefully to find the symbol on it.

Here is the symbol:

I translated the symbol using the Book of Mai on my MaiPad the symbol means:

Although known for their cautious nature, 
the Mai have an innate sense about who
can be trsted and use this Symbol as a
universal stamp of approval.

Then I typed in the web link that was listed by the symbol: Then typed in trust (lowercase mind you) into the Vendor Code area which brought up a clip of Chloe King being chased ending with the words "Chloe is in danger and needs your help."

And today I started on the Fifth path as well! I received an email telling me there was someone out there trying to do harm to Chloe. They are @Batko614 on twitter and we (and I would love your help on this) are supposed to tweet him misleading messages so he doesn't find Chloe. I think I'm going to tweet him that I last saw her riding away on a tapir in the jungle. :P If you decide to tweet him too let me know what lie you told him on twitter! If you want to follow me on twitter you can find me at @mint910!

As I was getting ready to work on my post I received another email saying to continue the path I should search "Chloe's Crush" on Google to find a hidden video of Chloe's life! 

It lead me to this video showing a bit more of the cute boy Chloe met in the trailer for the show!

Can't wait to see where the Sixth Path will take me!


  1. This looks like so much fun.

  2. This game sounds like so much fun. I love reading your posts on them.

    I'm also really glad to find out about the bib!


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