Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#NinePaths Mystery Object & the Premiere of Chloe King!

After finishing the Ninth Path yesterday I had one item left in my box, a copy of Romeo and Juliet, eventually I got an email saying that I would be able to figure out the meaning of it by watching tonight's premiere! At first I took it very literal expecting Chloe to be reading the book for school or something and then eventually it dawned on me what the book represented.

The book totally represents Chloe and Brian's relationship (if they end up having one) the Mai tell Chloe that Mai (Chloe) and Humans (Brian) can never be intimate or kiss because the human will die. So Romeo & Juliet perfectly represent the star crossed lover quality of their relationship!

Did you enjoy the premiere of Chloe King? I had a lot of fun watching it, gasping and squealing, I can't wait to see where it goes!


  1. I saw a promo for the show and thought it could be interesting but I missed the premier. I guess I will have to catch it another time.

  2. They will definitely be replaying it, it's actually on again right now and also you can watch it on their website or Hulu tomorrow! Hope you enjoy if you watch it!

  3. ......(SPOILER).....

    AND- another way that it is romeo and juliet esque is that Brian's dad is trying to kill Chloe!!! their "families" are enemies!

  4. VERY good point!!!!! Thanks!

  5. I was wondering if anyone else caught what Holley did. Yep that's a shocker but, I just don't see how they can work around that "Kiss of Death" thing.

    I hadn't planned to watch but it came on right after PLL so I just kind of got hooked.


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