Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Suburgatory: A TV Pilot Review + An Advance Viewing

Last week I received a bag of goodies in the mail. At first I was confused, what were they for and then I read the note from Dallas Royce and saw the card about an advance screening of Suburgatory which is a new fall tv show from ABC I was excited for!

Oddly enough I was really into some of the things in the bag, what does that say about me, yeah I'm from the suburbs. :)

 Because I was already so excited to see this new sitcom I sat right down and watched the pilot episode and let me tell you, it did not disappoint, I actually liked it even more than I thought I would.

The show features Tessa (I love her look of disgust) and her father George (Jeremy Sisto as a father?! It's crazy, when I think of him I think of Clueless and Six Feet Under, definitely not a father but it somehow works) who move from NYC to the suburbs. 
I found it to be a wonderful fish out of water story filled with sarcastic dialogue and narration, perfect suburban imagery and a whole bunch of laughs. If you like Mean Girls you'll love this!

One of my favorite characters is Dahlia (in the leopard print skirt) who has some of the funniest lines and deadpans them perfectly. Basically this show was awesome and if the creators can keep it going full steam ahead they are going to have a great show on their hands!

Are you interested? Here's the trailer:


While the show doesn't premiere until tomorrow (This Wednesday at 8:30/7:30 Central on ABC) I am able to share a code that allows you to watch the episode right now! If you can't tell I'd definitely recommend it!

Enter Code: pWNlhSSKa

If you check out the show, now or when it premieres stop back and let me know what you think! This Fall TV season is turning out to be something great!


  1. i just watched it, and it was hilarious! I will definitely be watching this show!

  2. I haven't even heard of this show! But I'll give it a try since we have fairly similar tastes in TV. And like you it's odd but good odd to see Jeremy Sisto as a dad!

  3. thats my first time hearing about a show. looks good though

  4. Anonymous11:26 AM

    This looks creepily similar to Awkward! I haven't watched either yet, though.

  5. haha i started watching this and its hilarious! i love it =)

    - juhina


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